I was thinking of MLM help, the right person for the right problem, this morning when an incident occurred at my daughter’s house.

Leila happens to have a developmental disability and lives with 2 other young ladies in a rental house with staff assisting.

This morning one of the staff called me (as one of the guardians this is my month for being “on call”) to tell me that the garage door wouldn’t open.  When I asked if they tried it the manual way she said yes, but it would only go up half way.  Well, that wouldn’t work to get the car out and Leila to her special Chanukah party later and also the other girls to their programs tomorrow (Monday).

Well, I called my boyfriend to ask if he knew anything about garage doors.  He informed me with a chuckle that he’s never had a garage and has never had trouble with a car port.

I then called a business partner of mine who does lots of repair work.  He said there was some sort of jam and since it’s a rental to call the landlord immediately.

Since I’m not the guardian that has the relationship with the landlord’s management company, I called the guardian who is.  She has much more mechanical, technical, and fix-it knowledge than I and called the house and talked staff through opening the door manually.  She will also notify the management company to have the electrical door-opener looked at.

I wasn’t the right person to go to for this house problem except that I knew who to contact to get the help.  I knew that it was beyond my expertise (but I’ll find out how it works!).

Who do you go to for help for your business?  It needs to be someone or some group that actually knows what they’re doing.  Mentoring for Free can be that group.  If I can’t help you, I know who can.

Wishing you mlm help, the right person for the right problem,

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