The other night I went with my play buddy to see the musical Les Mis at the Phoenix Theatre.  This year community theaters have permission to produce this show, which is my all-time favorite musical, beating out my former favorite My Fair Lady.

While not based on a very upbeat story, I find the music brillliant, melodic, threaded perfectly through the story.  Any time a musical theme is repeated it is not haphazard, rather it is appropriately placed.  I just love that.  What a difference from Phantom of the Opera, which has too much repetition of themes, in my opinion.

Anyway, I was thinking about how perfectly balanced the show was.

1. It has a compelling story
2. Great characters we love to love or hate
3. Phenomenal music and staging
4. Outstanding performers
5) A great set

Those 5 attributes that made the show work on all levels put me in mind of the 5 Pillars to Success a company needs to have for you, the distributor, to be successful in mlm, not just the company:

1. Company management and experience with integrity
2. Timing in the company and timing in the industry
3. A remarkable product
4. Compensation plan
5. Duplicatable system.

Every 3rd Saturday of the month Mentoring for Free trains on this.

Well, the Les Mis run was extended, so I’d better get cracking to order tickets for me to take Leila, as she loves the show, too, and didn’t get to go.

Wishing you the joy of “Les Mis” and mlm success,

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