I have taken time off from my job to bring my daughter Leila home to do The Master Cleanse, as I am very concerned about all the weight she gained in the last year or so.  The cleanse is a lemonade juice detox fast originally described by Stanley Burroughs and lately promoted and further explained by Peter Glickman.  We are part of the annual January group participating.  The other day I had a situation that I can use for learning how to not set people up for failure for network marketing success.

Leila happens to have Down syndrome.  She is an awesome person and fun to be with  She will be celebrating her 29th birthday on our upcoming Success Team Builders cruise.  She loves to eat and has no judgment about when and what not to eat.  This it typical with a lot of people.

Anyway, I was very angry with her, which was futile.  I was really angry with me.  The fault is mine.  I set her up for failure because I knew what she was likely to do and only taped the freezer closed after she consumed the bagel.I have put a lock on the refrigerator because I know she will sneak food even though she knows she should not.  But I hadn’t gotten around to closing off the separate freezer in the laundry room.  So on the 2nd day of the cleanse while I wasn’t looking she took out and ate a frozen bagel.  She knows she shouldn’t eat bagels and doesn’t at her regular living situation.  But she has taken pizza from the freezer there and eaten it.

By the way, the bagel is quite old and I only keep them around for my mother, because we stay away from white flour products and rarely eat bread or pasta at all.

In you network marketing team it is crucial that you get to know your people.  You must build the relationships, learn their personality types via the colors technology, and find out what they can are are willing to do and cannot and are not willing to do.  Creating relationships is everything.  You want people who will eventually become independent and put you out of a coaching and mentoring job.  But the relationship comes first.

Knowing your team members is the only way that you can set them up for success.  This part is your responsibility.

If you want more information on the personalities color technology, let me know.  We have trainings on that with Mentoring for Free.  I can do it, too, but it’s more fun with a group.

Wishing you the ability to be learning how to not set people up for failure for network marketing success,

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