In network marketing it is well-known that leaders take responsibility to achieve the most mlm success.

Taking responsibility is a real key in anything we want to do well.  The norm is to avoid this and letting “others do it”.

My synagogue, my homeowners association, and I’m sure many other entities are facing a budget crisis.  I do not have time to serve on any boards at this time so I do not put my name forth.  I do, however, volunteer sometimes as I can for certain events.  That is more than most people do.  I’m working on leading my mlm team.

Generally in these entities you’re lucky to get enough people to fill the slots on the respective boards and you rarely see an election with competing candidates.   Do you also see this in your respective groups?

Anyway, when there is a problem usually the boards have sent out information about them and the board meetings are open to anyone in the association, but generally no one attends but board members.  The board members have to make tough decisions and this is a thankless job in tough times.  People all of a sudden show up after the fact complaining about the decisions made.  So where were we when our input was needed?

Also, people get very small-minded about necessary changes.  They tend to want the same benefits with less resources.  This doesn’t work.  We’re not the federal government.  We don’t have a printing press, nice as that would be.

So, are you a leader?  Do you make the tough decisions to stay in your business?  Are you a follower on the way to being a leader?  Are you learning to take responsibility for your success?

Wishing you to be in the position that leaders take responsibility to achieve the most mlm success,

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