The Mental Cleanse mastermind call sponsored by Mentoring for  Free should be done for a minimun of 30 days – most people who participate do it for longer or even ongoing.  I am one who does it on and off and do my best to go through the each chapter of  Think and Grow Rich each time, although we can come in and out at any chapter.

I was on both calls yesterday and did my lesson in between.  I was really inspired by two of the lessons.  If anyone is interested in the lessons that inspired me, let me know and I can make them available to you.

Anyway, this “cleanse” helps me focus on the positive and throw out the negative thoughts in my life.  As my good  friend Cynthia Breed said, the negative can creep in at any time and we have to always be vigilent to throw them out and replace them with positive thoughts.

Mentoring for Free founder Michael Dlouhy did an awesome lesson on the positive emotions and the negative emotions and what to do about them.  He had a breakthrough in this recently when someone called him and tried to pitch him on a new start-up company.  Michael realized that the pitchman hit all the buttons that lead people to join against their better judgement because they trigger all the negative emotions, such as fear of loss, jealousy, greed, superstition, etc.  People stop thinking and just react on their emotions.

When we are educated we do not lose the ability to become critical thinkers.  This can save us from uncounted disappointment and monetary loss and time loss – not to mention feeling badly about ourselves.  I’m not just talking about business but there are people who know how to push our buttons in our personal lives.  Maybe some of us do it to others.  And just think the long term harm we perpetrate on our children when we use the negative skills on them.  We often don’t even know we’ve done it.

If anyone wants to hear that call, let me know so I can send the link.

Thank you for listening.

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

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