In my last blog article I went over mlm residual income success and pre-launch. I spoke about the perils of getting into a company too early. Well, you might ask, is there a point when it is too late to start for mlm residual income success?

The answer is yes.

When a company has been around many years and has been heard of by many people, it might be too late. If the big earners at the company already have market share, if the big growth has occurred already, if the compensation plan has been changed to the benefit of the company and the big earners and to the detriment of the new people, average part-time distributors, it might be too late.

Being older is not the fault of the company. Decimating the compensation plan is. The harder it is for the average part-time distributor to make any money, the more will go to the company and upline.

Always read your compensation plan. If you don’t understand yours, get help. Call me. If I can’t figure it, we have Mentoring for Free people who can.

Is your plan fair to you as well as the company? Are the hurdles too high? Are the qualifications too difficult?

I don’t know about you, but I work hard enough. Why work harder than necessary?

Why pitch your tent in a company where there is no solid foundation for you? YOU – not just the company. Why participate when the going it harder than it used to be with the same company?

Why did you join? Did you like the product? I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.

Loving the product is not enough reason to join the company if you want to make money.

First things must be first. Read your Policies and Procedures. Even if you make money, can the flow be stopped at any time at the company’s discretion? It happens. Know what the P & P’s say.

Read and understand your compensation plan. Know how to work it.

Is your product value priced? If a competitor can sell something similar for a lower price, why should anyone buy from you? The top ingredients are within pennies of each other. So why is there a differential in price? Stay tuned for another article on breakage.

Before you join a company, read the MLM Watchdog. Google the company name with the word [scam] in brackets just as I wrote it.

If you’re reading this article, it’s because you want to know more.

You need to improve your skills. You might be just stuck.

Wishing you the ability to know the answer to: is there a point when it is too late to start for mlm residual income success –

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer

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