I’m taking up the challenge by my good friend and mentor Roxanne Green on writing an article with the above title: If I weren’t afraid I would…and then setting up the link using Mr. Linky. Then I’ll see what happens. So here goes! If I weren’t afraid I’d talk to more people about my business opportunity. If I weren’t afraid I’d produce more of my songs sooner (actually if I weren’t such a perfectionist about them). If I weren’t afraid I’d balance my checkbook every month (actually, not doing so is more of a “blue” personality thing, but I think I don’t really want to know what the actual numbers are and spending the time on that would, to me, be a waste). If I weren’t afraid I’d work harder on re-establishing the relationship with my son that I long to have. There. That’s a start. Now that I have this down, I can use the skills I already have to recognize more of the opportunities and take them. I’m improving but can be better at it. A little love and encouragement wouldn’t hurt. Wishing you the opportunity to do the same exercise – writing out “If I weren’t afraid I would…”,

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