I’m still without air conditioning upstairs.  Fortunately, when Phoenix is a bit cooler, i.e. 104 degrees, 108, even it’s cooler in the upstairs of my home than, say 115 degrees  Farenheit outside. So last night I thought I’d try to sleep upstairs instead of on the couch downstairs.  It was barely cool enough.

Boy, did my mattress feel good!  It has that 2 inch foam topper that I got a couple of years ago at First Tuesday’s.  I was able to just stretch out and feel the bit of give but also support.  Unlike my couch, which doesn’t have that “topper” effec, it felt one might say, more like lying on a cloud.  Anybody remember which mattress product “sleeping on a cloud” described in a commercial?  All those sheep were around me – fortunately they were silent.

Isn’t it amazing how we can be grateful for the small things – like my own bed, like having a roof over my head and my own furniture.  I love my kitchen that has enough counter space for me to do the cooking I want – I enjoy my own cooking.  I have enough bathrooms for me and a guest or two.  And my birds, now feathered out enough again to fly, are enjoying their flying space.

Thank you Adonai (God) for all my blessings inside and outside me.

Did I say I love my mattress?

Hope you’re sleeping on a cloud –

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer.

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