In my last post I suggested you write your story but I didn’t give any tips on how to write your story for MLM success.

You can write it in longhand on paper, you can write it on a typewriter, if there are still any around.  A word processor on the computer works great because you can cut and paste with ease, delete, add, copy, etc.

If you feel you cannot write, speak it into a recorded and then transcribe it.  Most people can talk.  If you cannot transcribe it, get someone you trust or maybe even a stranger to do it for you.

My mother used to work part time at a place in Chicago called “Permadisk” transcribing letters via a dictaphone machine.  She worked the recorder back and forth with a foot gismo that left her hands free to type.  And I did a little myself at Northwestern University in the Mechanical Engineering department, which was my first job out of college and newly married.

My good friend and mentor Richard Dennis helped Michael Dlouhy write Success in 10 Steps by having him talk into a recorder, Richard transcribed it and sent it back to Michael for editing.  This brilliant book  tells the truth about network marketing today in Michael’s entertaining style as if he were talking one-on-one with each of us.

So if you feel you cannot write, record your story.  No one can write it but you.  And don’t forget to have fun with it.

Wishing you the knowledge of how to write your story for mlm success,

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