Can you answer this question – How much are you being paid in your pay line for mlm residual income success? It’s amazing to me, now, after becoming educated, that most distributors have no idea and do not know how it works. I used to be among you.

Does that mean that I know everything about my pay plan? Not everything, but at least I have a good idea about most of it.

The point is, that I know how many levels down I get paid in my organization. Do you? I get paid, well, unlimited levels. There is almost no breakage. Meaning, I don’t have to go wide to be paid deep. That’s not to say that if I go wider it doesn’t benefit me, it does. But pay doesn’t get cut off after a certain level.

Now, I have a friend who was with another company and ended up generating $250,000/month in volume and took home a check for about $2000.00. That should be criminal.

Why did she get so little? This awesome person, who just loved the products, saw the pay plan cut 9 times in 7 years. So at the end, most of her volume was generated outside her payline.

She had built that organization, trained it and then the company took away profits that were rightly hers. Definitely, it is not a 5 Pillars company – it lacks integrity. It changes the pay plan to benefit the company and screws the distributors.

Well, they lost my friend – she went to another company, which now has the benefit of her great talent and building capabilitiy. And you better believe she chose a 5 pillars company this time. She’s found a home for the rest of her life.

What’s a 5 pillars company? That’s a great question. I’ll go over that next time. It’s so important that we cannot teach it enough. I’ll give you a hint – it has something to do with integrity and management experience.

And Mentoring for Free has training calls every third Saturday evening each month on this very subject. Call me or e-mail me for information on that.

Wishing you the answer to the question “How much are you being paid in your pay line for mlm residual income success?”, I remain,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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