Last night after work I went to a business networking mixer at Un Bacio restaurant in Scottsdale sponsored by Raven, who facilitates events.  This was the first one I’ve been able to attend for some time.  The stars, calendar, day of the week – whatever – were in alignment for me.

I arrived with a stack of my Mentoring for Free business cards in my pocket.  I like wearing pants with pockets – very convenient for cards, keys, tissues, etc.  In my left pocket were my cards and I reserved my right pocket for cards I would collect.

Raven and a helper greeted me when I arrived just a bit early and I put my  name on a name tag, which I placed on my right front shoulder.  Sometime ago I learned that was the place to put name tags, not on the left side, because we usually shake hands with our right hand and our eyes are naturally drawn to the other person’s right shoulder and are more likely to notice a name tag there.

At any rate I started to talk to people and had a really good time.  I handed out a few cards, collected a few, and told my story – thanks to magic sequence of words taught to me by my friend Debi Talbert – and had a few people asking for more information.  This stuff works, folks.

While eating some hors d’oeurves at a table with some other ladies I listened to a nurse who ran an assisted living home talk about the wonderful vitamin she represented.  This would be something that competed with my company and I just listened as she told her story.  Thinking that she would benefit from Mentoring for Free training I gave her my card as she gave me hers.  It’s okay – plenty of room for everyone.   Although she did what all or nearly all networkers do and claim that there was nothing better.

The truth is that most network marketing companies have good products or they wouldn’t be in business, so if I can help this person, that would be awesome.

I also met one of the featured persons at the event, an entertainer, comedian, model, actor, emcee Armon Williams (www./  We talked a bit about doing parodies, which he has done, and some original music, both of which I so as the Singing Network Marketer for my business and other events.  It’s a lot of  fun talking with someone who does some of the same things I do and to get some practical information as well.  I’ll start seeing what else he does.

Another fun person was a gentleman who was an attorney and was in construction.  We had a good time chatting and said it was because I was such an “up” person.  As a blue personality I have no trouble talking (it’s listening I work on!) but was pleased to be seen as a person people want to talk to.

Speaking of using my listening skills, when he and I were talking with another lady who was there just gentleman watching, he said he lived in a sea of estrogen – wife and 2 teen girls.  So I told him that I had a product for him!  He took my card when I said it’s the men who make sure their wives and daughters don’t run out of this.  I’ll follow up with him – I have his card.

Anyway, whatever comes of my card exchanges and conversations, I had a good time.   A lot of people were there for the first time so there’s a constant stream of new people in addition to those who just want to hang out, have fun, and support Raven.

If the dates and stars align again for me I’ll attend another Raven event.

Wishing you to have fun creating relationships – it’s the best part of life –

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

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