Happy New Year to all my Jewish friends and family – L’Shanah Tovah, in Hebrew.

I burned out a bit with all the music I’ve been doing – I performed a lot and spent hours preparing.

Hopefully, the videos from my performances in Houston will come out okay and as they are posted to YouTube I’ll link them here.

I’ll be singing in choir for the upcoming holiday, which is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.  Leila always joins me for services for these High Holidays.  We also fast for this day.  It makes it a little hard to sing without drinking water, but we manage.

So we sort of look back at the year past and look forward to the new year.  We ask forgiveness of God for any transgressions knowingly or unknowingly against God.  But God cannot forgive us for transgressions against our fellow human beings.   We must apologize and ask them for forgiveness.  That can be the most difficult thing of all, but very rewarding.

There’s much more to these holidays than I’ve mentioned, but it’s a good time to connect with ourselves and re-dedicate ourselves to our goals and the path forward in life.  It’s a good time to be retrospective and then forward-thinking, be visionary.

May it be a sweet year for us all.

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

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