Today my mother is 88 years of age.   Some people would say “young”,  some people would say “old”.  I say, I’m looking for the next international trip for us, as per your request.

If I take after my mother, I will live long and be active all that time.

Mother is petite like I am.  She used to have beautiful auburn hair and some of that is still evident among the gray hair.  It’s nice being a similar size because we often can use each other’s clothes.

Mom was always physically active and continued to go to aerobics till her hip-replacement last year.  She took great care of my father when he was ill in his last years.  After being the State of Illiinois Nursing Home Service for many years she refused to send him to a nursing home and had help caring for him at home.  She also is a great mentor for me.  My late brother, one of the most loving people you’d ever meet,  had retardation and difficult to control epilepsy from infancy and my parents took great care of him.  I was also part of the care group.

Mom and Dad were great supporters of me with granddaughter Leila, who, having Down syndrome, is another loving, vivaceous person.  Like grandmother, like granddaughter.

My mother keeps her own house – on 3 levels – with some help for the heavy work.  She shovels snow and cleans off her car.  She still does her own shopping and cooking.  She is active with her synagogue, a singles group, bookclub group, takes classes now and then, and attends various plays and concerts with friends.  Often she is the designated driver.  She had her Bat Mitzvah with a group at age 70.

Mom plants her own flowers in the back yard, programs the VCR, does email, and is an avid reader.  She used to do art and I have some of ther oils, charcoals, and water colors in my house and she has many in her house.  Over the years she took knitting, sewing, macramé, and quilting. 

We still go on trips together, and lately were in Baltimore for my daughter   Rachel’s  PhD graduation ceremony and Washington, DC for site-seeing and visiting cousins.  With Rachel we also went to the Galapagos over New Years in 2003-4 and Africa in October 2007, when I was pleased to surprise her with her very own song My Mama Miriam.  Mom had a hip replacement last year and says she is ready for another international trip.  Will Rachel be able to go now that she has sprung herself from her post-doc in Nigeria and has a new job with Johns Hopkins, we don’t know.  But we’ll see if we can manage one with her, otherwise, we’ll just go somewhere.

I’m interested in going back to South America to see all the parrots, but I’m open.  We’ll see what Mom wants to do and also what good tour or cruise values are out there for next year.  However, Mom is going on Leila’s and my team cruise to the Caribbean in 2010.  We’ll have a ball.

So, Happy Birthday, Mom.  Here’s to another decade or two together!

I’m proud to have you for my mother.


Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

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