Have you heard that it helps to have gratitude in your heart for network marketing success?

Last night I had an excellent study session with my study partner on a class we’re taking on personal growth from ancient Jewish teachings.

The subject we’re working on is gratitude but it also ties in with earlier traits of anger and humility.

One thing that keeps coming up over and over again is that we cannot have both gratitude and frustration in our minds and spirits at the same time, or gratitude and hate, or anger and God.  Many people teach this today. 

We can choose which to have in our hearts at any given moment.  If frustration starts to creep in we can cancel it and open up to gratitude.  I have been able to learn to be grateful most of the time and offer thanks to God or the universe for everything, both good and seemingly bad that I experience.  How I react to everything is up to me. 

I have learned that even the frustrating events I have learned to be grateful for, because when I am, I am also looking for the reason down the line – I’m supposed to leave later to meet someone, or to avoid an accident (I’ll never know for sure, but that’s okay!), or for some reason I don’t know about.

Being angry or frustrated is a waste of time and energy – it’s giving my power over to the person, thing, or event.  That’s too expensive. 

Last week I noticed my tire was flat just before leaving for work.  I did not get upset and pumped it up, notified my supervisor I would be a bit late, and gave my thanks because I knew I was probably supposed to meet new people later that day.  And I did – when I took my car to Discount Tire to have the nail removed and the tire fixed.  Two of the people were intereste in products I market – they saw the magnetic signs on my car.  The day worked out for me.

Wishing you always have gratitude in your h eart for network marketing success,

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