I was just speaking with a colleague of mine who got a smokin’ deal on a new apartment.  He said not he has his own bathroom and it’s cheaper than his former one.  I told him that was great and he said he was really lucky.  This reminded me that many people think you have to have good luck for network marketing success.

I told my colleague that it was less a matter of his being lucky than creating the conditions for him to be open to an opportunity.  If he had not been looking for a new apartment at that time he would have missed it.

In the Mentoring for Free  Coaches Corner Mastermind Saturday night calls we have recently finished masterminding chapter 2 of Dr.  Robert Anthony’s Betting on Yourself.  Dr. Anthony plays the horses but before he bets he does careful research and makes sure the odds are in his favor.

As I had never before thought about what makes up good luck, I found it fascinating.  “Good luck” happens to people who have prepared themselves and are open to opportunity.  Further they recognize the opportunity when it comes along.

How would that translate to network marketing?  Well, you train, acquire, and practice good skills, you make sure you do not have an agenda with anyone but are in a helping mindset, recognize when someone needs the help you can give, and offer it with the appropriate language skills and other tools you have at the ready.

Cool beans.

Wishing you good luck for network marketing success,

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