I’ve long understood that giving a little extra for mlm success eventually pays off. Actually, this works for life in general and it comes back to you when least expected.

Yesterday my daughter Leila visited our podiatrist. Since Leila doesn’t live with me, one of her staff took her to be fitted for new orthotics for her dress shoes. Leila happens to have Down syndrome, which is a genetic issue and doesn’t in any way define who she is.

Anyway, Leila’s toenails are thick and difficult to cut. The other podiatrist she saw would not cut them because insurance wouldn’t cover the procedure for her. But Dr. Accomando didn’t think twice about it and not only cut them but ground them down to a nice shape.

This may be a little thing to him, but is an issue to those of us who have the care of our loved ones with special needs and have difficulty with this task.

Do you think I’ll remember what he did and tell everyone what a great job he did? You bet.

Going the extra mile in any business gets noticed. If not right away, it eventually comes back to the person in the form of wonderful things. We may not even recognize it.

It’s no accident that our motto at Mentoring for Free is “Be a Mentor with a Servant’s Heart”. Dr. Accomando fits that profile. Do you?

Wishing you success through giving a little extra for mlm success,

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