Yesterday I left my job early to attend the quarterly ISP (Individual Service Plan) meeting on behalf of Leila. The only ones in attendance were myself, Leila’s house manager, and the support coordinator.

We are currently blessed with an outstanding support coordinator, and, believe me, I know the difference!

In fact, her daughter is volunteering at the camp Leila is at this week, Civitan in Williams, AZ, and because Judith spoke with her daughter on the phone, Leila was also put on the line, so we know for a fact that she is having fun – Leila said so.

I’m never worried about that. No news is always good news from camp. I just keep the postcards going to camp and send the address out to other friends and team members, so Leila gets mail nearly every day of camp. I’ll get a report from Leila when she comes home.

Fortunately for me, this camp provides transportation. Also, Leila has friends there she was also with earlier this month from Lions Camp Tatiyee in Lakeside, AZ. We keep running into the same people, because the disability world is smaller than the general population and the same people show up for the activities geared for them.

Leila loves knowing who someone is and having a history with that person. Don’t ever tell Leila a secret – she’ll remember it forever.

Her camp experience is similar to our team cruise every year. We will both be glad to travel with our friends that we now see from year to year. And my mother will be going with for the first time. There is a shared experience that we can carry with us and recall together. That recall is half the fun.

Wishing I were at camp, too,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Networkk Marketer

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