Do you know how to coach someone for mlm residual income success?

Coaching someone is done by permission. The coach asks permission from the coachee to be coached. It it not a good idea to automatically assume that someone wants to be coached. If they don’t you are wasting your time and possibly damaging your relationship.

This is a relationship business, after all, isn’t it?

So asking for permission is the first step.

As a professional health coach, I have learned and, indeed, experienced first hand how non-adversarial permission-based, co-active coaching can be quite effective. Co-active means that the coachee is working with the coach in a give-and-take session, with the coach steering the coachee in a direction the coachee needs or wants to go by asking questions and very careful listening.

The coach does not make assumptions. The coach may make guesses about the coachee put in terms of ” I sense that”, or “I’m feeling that” and ask the coachee if they are on the right track. Why is this important? Because much of the time the coach is wrong!

So why do we make those guesses? Because it stimulates the coachee to think and either corroborate what the coach is feeling or try to come up with the real issue, or at least explore the issue. If this is set up properly, the coachee does not take offense but knows the coaching is designed to help the coachee help herself.

Why am I talking about this today? I just received an email from someone in my network marketing organization sideline to me who listened to me on the Coaches Corner Mastermind call Saturday night. This call is hosted by Mentoring for Free and is a great, safe place for personal growth. Many of us have aired personal issues of all kinds from not thinking positively to needing to move beyond the hurt from all kinds of abuse. This is a loving place where people from all over the world listen and participate.

This is based on lessons we go over from reading books – right not we’re on Step 2 of Joe Vitale’s book Spiritual Marketing. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it – you can get it from the internet; just google it.

When we go over the lessons in the mastermind group, we learn more from other’s insights that may not be apparent to us. We all come from different experiences.

Anyway, the person who sent the email made an out-and-out attack on me. She made assumptions that were wrong and she didn’t bother to ask me questions to clarify. She could have said that she “felt” thus and so from what I said and asked if that was correct? She made some religious assumptions and spoke in an insulting manner. I actually felt as if I were slapped.
She made recommendations for me that have nothing to do with my interests, not having bothered with what I have done in the past. She knows little of my personal journey and implied that I am not working on myself at all. She picked up on partial information and exclaimed “how dare you” regarding a personal event that she absolutely got wrong.

She ended the tirade with “sending it with love”.

Well, it didn’t feel like love.

Caution – if you try to help your downline like that, i.e, in a non-permissive, judgemental way, you not only ruin the relationship, you probably nuke it.

The judgement generally has more to do with the person pronouncing it than the one receiving it.

If anyone needs to learn how to coach someone for network marketing success, please let me know. If I have enough people interested I’d be happy to hold a free teleclass.

Wishing you the knowledge on how to coach someone for mlm residual income success,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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