Do you ever find yourself telling yourself that you should be stronger, you shouldn’t be so needy, you’re not ready…? Or perhaps you tell yourself that “they” won’t like it if I do…, I don’t have what they’re looking for, nobody will listen to me, I need to think more, I have nothing to offer anyone.

In the coaching world you have just met the Gremlin. Actually, the Gremlin has been around all our lives. Sometimes the Gremlin controls us to a greater or lesser extent. Often we just let him do that.

The Gremlin is scared most of the time. He does not like change. He will ridicule you for wanting change. Getting out of your comfort zone is threatening to the Gremlin. The Gremlin is the name for whatever is blocking you, whatever is holding you back.

How do we defeat our own Gremlin? First by being aware of her. When you get that feeling that you are reluctant to do something you know will help you create mlm residual income success, it’s likely your Gremlin rearing her ugly head.

One strategy is to name your Gremlin. For instance, if you called your Gremlin “Shirley” that name does not sound as powerful as “THE GREMLIN”. It does not sound so big and scary, but more friendly, less powerful. Do you want to let “Shirley” have power over you? When you don’t want to do something, ask yourself if it is YOU talking or SHIRLEY talking.

Will we ever get rid of our own Shirley? Probably not, but we can control her. Please look for more strategies on controlling your Gremlin next time. Until then –

Wishing you network marketing success –

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer
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