The Gremlin is that scared voice inside you desiring the status quo, wanting to avoid change. It can be a powerful and persistent voice inside you keeping you from succeeding in building your network marketing residual income.

The Gremlin boils down to fear of the unknown or lack of clarity of how to do something, or thinking “what if I fail?” Or even, “what if I succeed!”

It is important to figure out what it is that getting beyong your Gremlin will get you. You design the blank slate. What have you always wanted to do?

The Gremlin is the mental blocks, many of which are around your beliefs. You may believe that people will make fun of you, leave your business, not join your business.

Beliefs are the made-up rules than run our lives. If you take out the “f” you are left with “be-lies“. These are the untruths that keep us from being at our best. We build expectations and our lives around our be-lies. How about if we change that and build our lives around our truths!

So how do we do that? One way is to write your “be-lie” on a piece of paper and then write your new truth. Carry it around with you everywhere and read it three times a day.

Why not write your “be-lies” a Dear John letter. For example:

Thank you for supporting me all these years. I no longer need you. I’m letting you go. What’s true for me now is (your new truth).

Sounds hokey? But what if it works! This is another way of training your subconscious by replacing the untruth with the truth.

Another thing you can do is write down your “be-lie” and burn it, or cast it away in a body of water, or even flush it away.

Wishing you mlm residual income success by defeating your Gremlin,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer
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