I love to take a cruise with my daughter Leila because it’s so much fun to see things through her eyes. In a way she is a perpetual child without a complicated agenda.

This last cruise she continued with her karaoke career, for which she gets lots of kudos, and experienced petting stingrays, and was introduced to zip-lining. Our team leader Michael Dlouhy found the best zip-lining outfit on that particular island in Honduras and 17 of us zipped from platform to platform yelling and spinning and having a great time.

Not one of us would have qualified for the ship-sponsored zip-lining excursion due to age, weight, or height. The one Michael negotiated for was cheaper and also included a tour on the way to the structure.

Leila was a bit short and sometimes needed a boost to be hooked up to the line, but she did a wonderful job zipping and everyone, including the young men who had built and ran the structure, were impressed with her. I was beaming – it made my zipping all the more fun to see her having a ball. She was hoarse from yelling.

We all had a blast – but no one more than Leila. It was such fun just watching her.

Hoping you’re cruising along having fun,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

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