Did it ever occur to you that you need to create the “real deal” for your subconscious mind for mlm success?  What the heck am I talking about!

Last night I went to an adult reading of the Megillah of the story of Esther, the Jewish holiday of Purim.  It’s a great story.  It’s not based on fact, but still a great story.  This evening was orchestrated by our synagogue’s rabbi emeritus, who is quite a character himself.

This was close to “R” rated and we laughed a lot.  I can’t tell you what went on.  I don’t know what rating you are cleared for.

But I was thinking about the story of Esther.  Each year at this time we read the story, dress up as characters, many of us, and eat the special cookie hamantaschen.  What a great time is had based on a story that has no basis in fact.  It’s not real.

How many of us base everyday business on perceptions that are not real, that have no basis in fact?  Some of our assumptions come from people who want to get us in their deal and don’t care how they do it.  There is a lot of spin going on in the network marketing world.

Some of our assumptions come from studying information written by people who have either never built a downline or did it so long ago that what worked then doesn’t work today.

Some of our assumptions come from imperfect understanding of what we are learning, while many of our assumptions come from fear and the negative aspects of that emotion which blocks our ability to move forward.

The Mental Cleanse, sponsored for free by Mentoring for Free, helps us address the fear issue.  Chapter 15 in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich goes over that.  I certainly have identified some residual fear issues that I am working on.  Many others participating in the 30 Day Cleanse are working on their respective fears as well.

You’ve probably heard the acronym for fear being false evidence appearing real. When we learn that fear comes out of your subconscious and often, without digging, we don’t even know or remember its origin, we can begin to work on it.  Our subconscious mind does not know real from made-up.  We have to convince it of what we want it to believe.  It is much more powerful than our conscious mind.

If you ever decide you need help with that, let me know and I’ll plug you in.

Wishing you the ability to create the real deal for your subconscious mind for mlm success,

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