Some common sense is required for network marketing success.  What happens to so many people is that when approached with a presentation that’s glitzy, hits all the right buttons, i.e., the desire to help people, the opportunity to make unlimited amounts of money, the ability to retire in five minutes, people tend to let common sense fly away.

I was thinking about this today.  I’ve been battling a case of the “shingles”, which is an illness that people can get who have had the chicken pox and is generally caused by stress.  It’s a painful, uncomfortable illness that can drag on for weeks and can show up in different parts of the body in different people.

My network marketing company has great products and my daughter and I use many of them and generally keep very healthy.  But this illness is usually a result of stress that causes the bit of the virus lingering in a nerve ganglion to flare up, cause pain and an ugly rash. 

Well, I had to visit the doctor to get diagnosed, because I didn’t know what the rash was.  I was recommended to take an anti-viral medicine, which I did, as well as an enhanced supplement protocol recommended by the supplement guru at our company to help defeat the virus sooner.  I’m not crazy – I will use medical intervention when appropriate, which is not often, but I will do what I believe is necessary.  As Michael Dlouhy would say, I’m a “critical thinker”.

Well, I’m lots better and the pain has gone away and the big scab on my back finally came off.  I’ve been managing the rash with my products to keep up a level of comfort while it diminishes.  Well, the rash started to itch and is spreading again, so I’m going to pick up some anti-viral topical cream on the way home from work.  I’ll still do my supplement regimen, though.

Did I mention I’m itching like crazy?

So the point I’m making is that I’m using common sense for what I think should work for me.  I think that generally I will try all the natural, non-invasive rememdies I can find, but if that does not work, I will seek medical care. 

As in health, common sense needs to be used in selecting and working a network marketing business.  Do your do diligence.  Don’t take anyone’s glitzy word for it, as much as you want to believe.  Read your policies and procedures.  Know how many people it takes ordering regularly for you to make $10,000 a month (or whatever amount you desirie).   We’re not talking about the sign-up bonus.  That’s a one-time occurrence.

Do you want to retire?  You can only do that on recurring income, income you get over and over again for work you did once.

Use your common sense – get educated, and it doesn’t have to cost any money – before you throw your body and soul into a business that will fail later – or sooner!

Wishing you common sense for your network marketing success.

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