You may have heard me say before that it’s critical for you to check out your policies and procedures for network marketing success.


Because it is the contract between you and the company. It spells out your responsibilities and also what you can and cannot do and what the company can do.

Most people never bother to look at these, assuming they can even locate them before signing up.  What happens is that the dollar signs ($$$) in their eyes turns their brains to mush, the critical thinking goes out the window and they don’t even find out what they really need to know.  You wouldn’t start a regular job without knowing what your responsibilities are, the vacation terms, the benefits, etc., would you?  Of course not.

The reason I was thinking about this today is that one of my team joined another company because it has a good product, like most of the companies, and promises to pay larger, faster, and he’ll have his company car in 2 months, etc.  He wanted to run this by me.

I asked him to send me the policies and procedures.  I’ll see if he can.  I’m also wondering if they have any “gotchas”, like having a renewal date where you can resign.  Implicit in this, even though not stated, is that the company can end it’s relationship with you on your anniversary.  Do you have to have ongoing recruiting, training, bringing people to meetings?  This means you can never retire.  If you get in at the beginning, as this gentleman has, will all your downline have the same opportunity as you?  In his case the answer would be no.

Next time the 5 Pillars to Success call is offered through Mentoring for Free, perhaps you ought to listen to it.  It’s the 3rd Saturday of each month.  Let me know if you’re interested.

Wishing you the foresight to check out your policies and procedures for network marketing success,

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