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Groundhog Day – Early!

I had my own “groundhog day” yesterday.

My newest bird, Lucky, who is a sun conure, a type of parrot,  is a lively addition to my household.  He brings the count to 3.  In the past I had as many as 4, but then I was still married and had help.

Lucky, as with most conures likes to hang out under my shirt or blouse.  He would like to be friends with my two blue-headed pionus parrots, but they have seniority – and are larger birds.

Since I only have 2 hands I can transport all three with Lucky on my head and the other 2 on my hands, or with one on my shoulder.  Another way is for Lucky to be under my shirt hanging on.

So, yesterday Lucky was under my turtleneck top, Gracie was on my left shoulder, and Sueño was traveling on my right hand as a perch.

Lucky decided to come out and peeked his head out on the left side in the front.  He saw Gracie on the spot he was going to head for, but the better part of valor led him to duck back into my top.  Our own groundhog day.


Since this is Phoenix where the weather is mostly nice this time of year, I’m not sure what this says about the season, but perhaps we’ll have at least 6 weeks more of lovely weather.

There is a song in this somewhere…

Wishing you your own advantageous “Groundhog Day”,

Wendy Weber,

Custom Song Design and still the Singing Network Marketer

Assumptions – They Can Be Dangerous

I learned years ago about assumptions – they can be dangerous to an event.  It seems that some things never change and every time I forget that, I make a false assumption and things don’t go as I expect.

All of it comes back to awareness.  Leila and her caretaker went to a dinner and service at my temple.  Leila is very loved there but people are people and sit with friends and Leila and her caretaker were left by themselves except for some hello’s.  I’ve been knows to do that myself.  So when I was finally told about that I knew how it happened – I hadn’t made the folks aware.  They were actually stunned by the realization and it will not happen again.  I will always send a message to the Rabbi and a few other people prior to any event Leila will attend and I won’t be going with her.

Reminds me of the days when Leila went to regular Girl Scout Camp sessions.  She attended the equestrian sessions.  The one year I didn’t prepare the camp director and counselors about strategies with Leila, it was hard on everyone.  After that I always did and I received glowing reports of how she did and what she taught all of them.  Leila is  gift, but her special needs sometimes requires preparation by the people around her and also for herself.

I find this with other things I do.  I cannot assume the rehab will call me when my mother goes to the hospital on an emergency basis (they didn’t) or that the hospital will (they didn’t) or that my cousin will text me when he’s told someone will call me (he didn’t).

When an event is being put together, I have learned that I cannot assume anything will be done without reports to me and checking over and over.

So, I say again, except in some math problems, assumptions can be dangerous.

Wishing everyone happy holidays and wishing you a joyous melody in your heart and harmony in your life,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer


I’m Back!

It’s hard to believe that I haven’t posted in over two years.  I’ve been busy with other things, but I’m back now.  There’s a lot to catch up with.

The best thing was that at the end of October 2013 I retired from my job I’d been at for 14 years – a 401(k) specialist at a large financial company.  They had a nice package and I’d had enough so I retired.

Retirement is when you find out how much people appreciated you, well, at least me.  I really hadn’t known the impact I had till I left.  I miss the people but not the job.  Not for one nano-second.  And if there’s a smaller unit of time, that, too.

I hundreds of people come and go from my department and team.  I miss choir there, but that was dead anyway – another sign that it was time to go.  I did receive a lifetime achievement for the United Way Talent show we had for the last several years.  I always did original music and parodies that pertained to my company and related things and always a tribute to United Way.  I don’t recall anyone performing ever did that besides me.

So that’s a start on catching you up.  Lots more to come.

I’m in the middle of Passover, so Chag Sameach to all my Jewish friends and family, and Happy Easter to those of you who observe that holiday.

And, be well.

Wishing you a joyous melody in your heart and harmony in your life,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

I Entertained in Las Vegas!

Well, I did technically.  I entertained in Las Vegas last week-end.

Of course it wasn’t on a big stage.

I was at a training on Stock  Trading with Courtney Smith and a number of people who have been to T. Harve Eker’s Peak Potentials trainings.  This was not a Peak’s event, however.  Courtney knew I had written the song and invited me to perform it.

I had been to the Freedom Trader Intensive training in Los Angelos in early June and really ate up the information.  I am a mutual fund specialist but knew nothing about stock trading.  I very much saw the value in Courtney’s training.  There are techniques and ruled to follow for eventual success. 

At a Peak Potentials training there are declarations that we take home with us to say every day so that they get embedded into our subconscious.  I have been saying my Freedom Trader declarations several times a day. 

I am the Singing Network Marketer, but my songs and parodies are not limited to that subject.  I knew I was going to write one on the Freedom Trader.  A few days before this week-end event one occurred to me while I was driving in the car to choir rehearsal.  I had a lot of it written in my head.  After typing it up I took it on the plane Friday after work along with my ukulele for accompanyment.   Another couple of lines occurred to me and I added them.

Needless to say my Las Vegas appearance was a triumph.  I may never perform there again, but the memory will last a lifetime.

Taking one last bow now that I entertained in Las Vegas…

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Wisdom from Liz Schreiter

Well, I don’t know if she got this from somewhere or came up with it herself, but Liz Schreiter, another friend and mentor of mine, says:

Don’t sacrifice what you want the most by giving in to the moment.

That sounds like excellent word of wisdom

Trusting that you can see the wisdom in Liz’s words,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Network Marketing Success with Events

You will hear a lot of trainers and speakers say that there is a correlation of network marketing success with events. I’ve been listening to Jerry d’Rhino Clark’s series of “Standing on the Shouders of Giants” and just about everyone touts events. So do my mentors and coaches.

Well, I agree. Every time I attend an event I move my business further along. That may be in monetary terms or it may just be in belief, which is important for success. I hear from a lot of people who have the same result. The more events we attend, the better.

Wishing you network marketing success with Events,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Network Marketing Success – Loyalty

Recently I have been thinking about network marketing success and loyalty.

I had been with a company for 8 years and could not make a go of it. Great company, great products, couldn’t be successful no matter what I tried that was suggested for me to do.

When I started learning about Mentoring for Free and first spoke with MFF Founder Michael Dlouhy, he told me that my lack of success was not my fault. I wanted to believe that, but was angry that I company I had poured my hopes, dreams, and money into did not have the system, products, or pay plan that would allow me to be successful; they were not congruent with my personality.

I worked hard, but just became garage qualified – still using some of the products after 4 or 5 years. But after getting educated and acquiring the kind of skills I was not getting from the other company I had great difficulty to let it go, even though I knew it was not a good company for me. I felt it would be disloyal.

Reminds me of the dentist we had while growing up. He was a neighbor of my aunt. But he was not a very good dentist. My mother and I went to him anyway out of loyalty. We both have gum recession and while we have good dental care now, we would have been in better shape if we’d had a better dentist.

So, LOYALTY can be misplaced.

What about where your loyalties lie? Do they serve you or do they not?

Wishing you network marketing success – loyalty given to worthy entities…

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Lessons From My Feathered Kids

I am owned by 2 gorgeous blue-headed pionus parrots, Sueño and Gracie. There was no deliberate intention to have a mated pair in my house. They were both re-homed and came to me at different times. When I got Gracie I was actually looking for a companion for Sueño, as he had been alone for about 5 years following the death of my long-time companion of 31 1/2 years Papa, my panama parrot.

So since it had been about 6 years since the loss of our beloved Sunshine, I was looking for another sun conure. But I also wanted a bird with a known sweet personality and Kelly said the sun’s were still too young to tell but there was a female blue-headed pionus whose mommy became a traveling nurse and could no longer care for her. And Gracie is the sweetest soul.

I must say that I’ve had parrots since 1972 and this is the first time I’ve had a male and female of the same species. Last year was the first time that Gracie went into nesting mode. Now, I am not creating a nesting set-up. Breeding is not my goal. But Gracie displayed the behavior.

Sueño turned into “guard bird” did his best to “protect” Gracie from me, especially when she was staying for hours in her sleeping cage. But this spring while he was spending time with her, I guess he got bored and left that room to come find me. He would say “hello” and I knew he was coming. I would pick him up and he sure wanted the head scritches I gave him.

So I believe Sueño is a critical thinker. When he realized that Gracie didn’t need him to stand vigil while she was “nesting” on the perch, he decided to do something else. He did something for himself.

What’s going on in your life that you need to make your own decision about, that you need to think critically about and not just do what you’ve done before?

Wishing you to learn lessons from my feathered kids,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Finding Your Focus

I was thinking about how the focus in our lives comes about. Probably most times by accident of experiences we have. Some of it comes from things that excite us in school, triggered by family events, travels, or everyday life; sometimes it is a result of something we need, read about, see, stumble into. Hopefully it is something that lights us up.

The focus of my life is a result of the birth of my daughter Leila. Since she has special needs she will always need supervision and guardianship/parental support. I love her more than words can express and enjoy being with her and seeing her joie d’vivre. Her giggle is infectious. She gives the world’s best hugs – just ask our team members and anyone she knows.

But, as with any family member with a disability or chronic illness, she also represents more work for me, paperwork, getting her to activities, overseeing her funds. She is the focus of my life. I see my job as staying as healthy as possible, so that I can see that she gets what she needs and most of what she wants and her siblings will not have to take over for a very long time.

This is not to say that I do not have other areas of focus. I am, after all, the
Singing Network Marketer and do write songs and parodies about Mentoring for Free skills and the 30 Day Mental Cleanse. I sing in choirs and perform every now and then.

I also love to cook, which is a good thing, as one of Leila’s favorite activities is eating – mine, too!

By the way, she has her own song I wrote – “You Are Leila”. Benefits of having a mom who writes music.

Wishing you all to find your focus,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer

Network Marketing Success – Cruising

Why do these 2 things work well together – network marketing success – crusing?

Well, first you only have to upack once, and then you have lots to people on a ship to get to know (I didn’t say firehose!).  Then, if you are doing training, the trip is a business write-off.

That’s a win-win. 

More later about the team cruise Leila and I went on earlier this month.

Until then, I wish you network marketing success cruising.

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

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