As many of you know I have 2 blue-headed pionus parrots Sueño and  Gracie.  You can see Sueño on my shoulder in the blog photo.  Poinus parrots are Amazons as opposed to African or Australian parrots.

Parrots are prey animals.  This means that they are the victims of hunter animals.  So they have a built-in distrust of unfamiliar or even known things, sounds, smells, surroundings,  etc. that could harm them, as a deer would of a bear or mountain lion.

So when a parrot steps on a stick that  I would hold or onto my hand, it is a sign of great trust that I will not harm it, drop them, or move my hand away quickly as in a trick and they would fall or be off balance.  Of course, just because they have a sense of trust doesn’t mean that they will always step up when I want them to do so.  They have a mind of their own and they are still wild animals.  I don’t understand everything – I’m not a bird whisperer nor Dr. Doolittle.

I have had parrots continuously for the last 39 years.  I find them to be wonderful companions and each one with his or her own personality.

The other day I was catching up on a recording I did from PBS of the ballet The Nutcracker done by the San Francisco BalletI had read that it was different and innovative – and I found it to be a wonderful, creative version that was very enjoyable to watch.  I don’t go to live ballet because when I did go I was distracted by the sound of the thud of dancers landing.  I prefer the de-thudded version on television where I can just enjoy the dancing and the wonderful music.

You know, the easy-looking way the dancers raise their legs in precise movements and angles from long study and practice.   How dainty are the leg raises, circles, pointing – just beautiful.  I love watching the movements I never mastered when I took ballet as a kid.  I never wanted to, as I much preferred tap dancing.

Anyway, I noticed after watching that delightful performance that when Sueño and Gracie decide to lift their foot to go onto my hand that the foot-lift seemed like ballet.  They raise their foot high and then gently lower it to connect with my hand or finger.  Voila!  Birdie Ballet!

Hoping you enjoy your birdie ballet or just your dance through life,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

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