If you had been on the Coaches Corner Mastermind call this past  Saturday night, you would have heard us finish up Chapter 2 from the book we’re reading called Betting On Yourself by Dr. Robert Anthony.

This concludes several weeks of lessons submitted by members of the “Leaders List”.  Below is the lesson I submitted, which we went over a few weeks ago:

“I was struck most by the link, the relationship between chance and luck. That “chance is comprised of an unpredictable number of happenings, both important and irrelevant”, and that I can turn a “chance” event into a “luck” event when I develop an emotional attachment, is a real eye-opener. “Luck is really a personalized perception of chance”.

So what do I have to do to turn “chance” into “luck”? I have to be listening. I have to be paying attention. I have to notice the verbal, visual, and “feeling” cues. I have to still myself and be open to whatever messages the universe is sending.

I also must “expect” to get the things I want. Also, I must be prepared to take action once an idea has been formed. And not just any action, but “appropriate” action. Dr. Anthony says that people who do that “invariably find that the more action they take, the luckier they get.” As I decide to be the person to be open to and take appropriate action, actually take the action, I will have the luck I desire.”

An “ah ha” moment for me on this past Saturday’s call was Henrietta’s lesson and especially the part giving a great word picture of expecting good things to come.  She says, “Expecting” is a positive feeling. Its a feeling of security, comfort, a peaceful feeling. Like a hot bath. Your body starts to tingle with anticipation before your toe even hits that water. its never a question of “if”, its a rock solid “Yes it is”.

This helps me be crystal clear on what expecting is.  This the beauty of the mastermind.  Anyone interested in joining this mastermind group please contact me.

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