Have you ever had someone call you or email you all excited because they’ve been invited to a groundfloor opportunity that’s very exciting and will make lots of money?  But you have to get in now or you will lose the opportunity to make more money or to get in free or if you don’t get in now you’ll miss the opportunity to have hundreds of people get in under you or…you get my drift.

One of my Mentoring for Free clients called and left a voice mail similar to the above.  Of course,  I know, then, that she did not do the trainings assigned to her to obtain mlm skills and thereby sound judgment.  And she had also coached with my friend and mentor Richard Dennis, who’s been in the business many years and told her that most businesses do not make it 2 years.  And my other friend and mentor, founder of Mentoring for Free, also teaches that most of those start-up companies aren’t really in the business of business, but out to create a list to sell to unsuspecting, uneducated mlm’ers who are told to call leads that they purchase.  Don’t get me started on that!

So the people who contacted my coachee knew all the negative buttons to push for prospects, such as fear of loss, greed, etc.  Being uneducated, or being unwilling to get educated enough to hear the truth when she heard it or lies, as the case may be, she jumped in to this “opportunity”.  After having gone over the compensation plan for the company she had been part of with Richard, she seemed discriminating about that.  She said she was a “green” and liked to do the research.

But as Richard, also a “green”, analytical personality can tell you, without proper knowledge and “bullet-proofing”, when the right buttons are pushed even the greens can turn off their brains and believe what they want to believe.  He had done it in the past.

I consulted Richard, because I wanted to “save” this person.  But he counseled me what I already knew.  I cannot help her.  She wouldn’t believe me, anyway.  So I have to let her go her way and when the “program” she is in crashes and burns, when she shows up on an mlm leads list, she may come back and really learn what she needs to learn.  But what a waste of time for her!

There’s no substitute for critical thinking and keeping your brain engaged.

As the saying goes, getting educated will save you years of failure and frustration.

Wishing you the best mlm for you and the understanding that you can’t save people because they have to save themselves,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer

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