Sunday Leila will be with her friends at her group of Jewish adults with special needs.  They will be celebrating the holiday Purim.  This is another “freedom” or “saving the people” holiday that we have and is the story of Queen Esther, a beautiful Jewess in the city of Shushan in ancient Persia who saved her people with a lot of courage and support from cousin Mordecai, when the evil Haman had tricked King Ahasuerus into ordering the Jewish people exterminated.

The story has everything, drama, danger, blood, beauty pageant, happy ending.  If you google-itFrom it we get a fun holiday, dress-up opportunities, and great food, namely a delicious fruit-filled triangular-shaped cookie called a hamantaschen (Haman wore a triangular hat). 

Have you heard the expression “the whole megillah”?  The story of Esther is one of the stories read from a megillah, which is a scroll.  There are other stories in a megillah, but I do not recall which.

Anyway, we also get to make lots of noise.  My tradition says when the megillah is read, every time Queen Esther’s name is mentioned we do the wolf whistle, Moredcai gets a cheer, and we use a noise-maker called a gragger to drown out the mention of Haman.  Great fun!

Anyway, the staff of Leila’s house will be dropping her off in the morning because I have all the costume stuff to create whatever character Leila wants to be.

Leila is the most transparent person I know.  She is who she is without pretense.  It occurred to me that we have to dress her up to be someone else for a while.

What about the rest of us?   We spend years trying to be someone other than we are to impress people, to overcome feelings of inadequacy or overbearing.  We pretend to be extra generous when we don’t feel that way or just try to project a personna other than we really are.  Often we’ve done this for so long we’re not sure about the truth of who we really are.

In network marketing many of us are told to become someone else to do the “system”, usually a red personality type.  I was actually told by an upline that I needed to get an image consultant to do a makeover – which was very conflicting with other statements that anyone can do this no matter what their figure, age, or background.  How confusing.

Well, when I learned from Michael Dlouhy that my lack of success was not my fault, at first I was angry, but then quite relieved.  When I learned the personality colors technology I understood why what I was trying to do wouldn’t work.  I could not be what I was not.  I had to learn to work with who I am, which is just fine!

Mentoring for Free teaches this on a phone training every first Saturday night of each month.  Contact me if you want to know more about that.

Anyway, happy Purim, everyone.  I hope you learn to be who you are for network marketing success.

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