I was thinking about how important it is to be coachable and work with a team for network marketing success.

This afternoon Leila and I attended her annual ISP, which is a review of the past year and and update on the progress on her goals and what she’ll be working on for the next year.  We also have quarterly updates with just her support coordinator, house staff, Leila, and me.  The annual one includes the workshop personnel and her job coach and coordinator.

The two things that have always jumped out at me at all Leila’s similar meetings, starting at preschool and throughout all her school years, is that 1) Leila (and Mom, too) is coachable, she follows directions to the best of her ability, most of the time.  2)  It takes a team to put together a program that benefits her.

Network marketing is the same.  People have to be coachable – take direction from people who have experience, the right experience.  Also, it takes a team to be successful in network marketing.  Even the most brilliant network marketer Tom “Big Al” Schreiter couldn’t do it alone.  He needed a team.

Wishing you the ability to be coachable and work with a team for network marketing success,

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