Have you ever heard that it’s important to avoid greed and ego for longterm mlm success?

Yesterday I went to a concert by a local concert band and had dinner with some of the band members.  They were talking about another band they either play with now or have played with in the past.

When control of the decisions was passed from the original directors, mistakes were made regarding marketing, music selection, dates of concerts that will eventually negatively affect the future viability of the band.  Among other things, they ticked off people who took care of some of that, who then left and no one filled in.

The Mother’s Day date at the concert hall they use was given up so that the conductor and another member could play elsewhere for a lot of money.  They didn’t want to let the band do that date without them, even though it is a big draw for people paying for tickets.

Also the July 4th concert was dropped even though it was the biggest draw of all and sold the most season ticket packages.  Even though people would have paid $5.00 a ticket to at least make up some of the cost.  Even though one of the band members offered to underwrite the concert.  The conductor and a principal member had other gigs that paid lots more and didn’t want to miss the concerts.  Even though nearly 20 year of band history showed the value of those two concerts.

I also learned that the conductor changed the terms of his agreement for pay per concert to the detriment of the band of all volunteer players and this was slipped through quietly without discussion by members.  Sounds like congressional earmarks in the U.S. bailout that were included and didn’t have to be revealed.

Greed and Ego.  It doesn’t work well for long term, recurring success in network marketing and won’t work long term for this particular band.  The band could play without these two people on occasion, with a guest conductor or even one of the other band members, many of whom are capable conductors.

In mlm to have great recurring (residual) income you have to build people.  “G” and “E” don’t do that.

Greed and Ego – sounds like the name of a Greek tragedy or a Shakespearian play.  I think I just gave myself an idea!

Wishing you the ability to avoid greed and ego for longterm mlm success,

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