Many companies coincide the beginning of the year with a new product or service in addition to any that have been introduced during the year, if any. So let’s review what it means to be a “product of the product’ for mlm residual income success. This, of course, also applies to products and services that have been in place all along.


Using the product or service yourself has a direct impact on belief in the product and your own believability in marketing it. Unless you can do an academy award performance, or in my case, a Tony award performance, people can see right through you and know whether or not you are sincere. So, it is important for you to be sincere and believable in our testimonials about the product. A testimonial is merely a story about your results from your experience with the product.


In the event that you are new to the business or perhaps don’t have the money to obtain the new product or service or if you cannot use it for some reason, it is okay to borrow stories/testimonials from your upline or other members of the company, and even from your clients. Again, these need to be believable. These stories must also be realistic so that your prospects are not set up for what they would perceive as failure. Very often third party testimonials that you relay or are relayed by that party are more powerful than any you might offer. It’s like an endorsement.


Your success in network marketing can depend on your success using the products or services that you market. Prospects and also downline personnel get excited when you are genuinely excited about your or someone else’s results. Remember, people intuitively know if you’re faking it or not.

Here’s to your mlm residual income success –

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