Do you have an Abundance mindset or a Scarcity mindset? What’s the difference and who cares?

Well, we all should care, especially if we desire mlm residual income. Why? Because abundance means quality of life to be experienced now, not later when we retire and are too tired. Abundance means enough, love, easy to get. This is a state of being.

And what about the opposite concept, Scarcity? This, too, is a state of being – of perceived not having enough, abundance is not plentiful, things are hard to get.

Which state of being do you prefer? You have control over which state of being you are in for network marketing success and for life. If you are in a state of scarcity how do you change to one of abundance? It takes work. It takes being grateful. It takes reprogramming your subconscious. We’ve heard this before.

One exercise that has worked for a lot of people is an ABUNDANCE NOTEBOOK. Every day write ten things that you are grateful for and ten things for which you acknowledge yourself.

You can be grateful for anything – the smallest thing, such as the sunrise, a loved one, a pet, being able to get up in the morning, having a car, being able to brush your teeth, the Super Bowl, etc. You get the idea!

You can acknowledge that you did get up in the morning, that you did brush your teeth, that you ate a healthy food, that you exercised, that you put the dishes away, that you made a phone call for network marketing success. Anything you did, no matter how small, counts. Any positive thoughts or creative ideas also count. You are infinitely creative and whole. You can do this.

It is said that it takes 21 days to create a habit. I challenge you to do an Abundance Notebook for at least 21 days. Develop the habit and see how your Scarcity thinking changes to Abundance and you Abundance thinking gets stronger.

Wishing you network marketing success by creating an abundance mindset for mlm residual income,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer
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