The other night I had the privilege and good humor to spend an evening with Big Al – that’s Tom “Big  Al” Schreiter, probably the world’s best loved and most effective network marketing skills trainer.

We started with dinner.  Now, if you know Big Al, you usually have dinner at a Mexican restaurant, his favorite kind of food.  However when training is at the DoubleTree Guest Suites near the airport in Phoenix, we now go to our favorite Chinese restaurant in the nearby Chinese Cultural Center Lao Ching Hing, featuring Shanghai style food.  My favorite is the orange chicken.

Some of the best nuggets of wit and wisdom come about at dinner.

Also, it was great to connect with other friends, Jennifer Wideman from East Mesa and Norma Lee Beaton, who drove in from California.  My local business partner Shawn Sheire joined us there.

The three-hour training was well worth the time.  Tom went over the tweaked and revised 2-minute story, which is a rejection-free way of explaining our business to anyone who wants the “presentation”.  It is permission-based, and as I said, the coveted “rejection-free”.

After all, self-improvement is great and useful, but doesn’t necessarily make you successful in the network marketing business without knowing what to say and what to do when you’re in front of people – live or on the phone.

I love that Tom explains the psychology behind all the parts of the story – and why it has to be a story in the first place.  Of course, psychologists may not follow the same logic, but then, they probably don’t make as much money as Tom does – just by using the skills he has acquired over the years.

Better yet, Tom travels the world teaching the skills to anyone who wants a presentation.  And he has a free newsletter when you sign up at  In fact, just after I finish this entry I’m going to read the latest newsletter which came out today.

And then I’m going to practice my updated 2-minute story.  Ah, so!

Wishing everyone a productive – and tasty – evening with Big Al,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

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