The thought for the day, August 12, 2009, from the Napoleon Hill Foundation is this:





Envious people sometimes attribute success primarily to luck. Nothing could be more wrong. As coach Darryl Royal once observed, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Success occurs when you have a definite purpose for your life and you take the initiative to follow through with action. You may make mistakes occasionally-everyone does-but any action is far better than doing nothing.

I thought this was appropriate because today is also Mentoring for Free’s Mental Cleanse day – 2 calls every Wednesday, 3:00 pm Eastern and 8:00 pm Eastern.

It is common for people who are not successful to call people who are successful lucky.  People who are lucky work for it.  In network marketing they learn the correct skill, practice them, have the right mindset – wanting to help others – and when the opportunity appears, they are ready and take advantage of it.

Generally, these skills are not acquired overnight.  They aren’t always used correctly, but this will improve with action.  Practice makes perfect.  People working on the skills and have the correct mindset attract people who need and want their help. Note:  a lot of people who need help don’t want it!

So when the skills and opportunity bump into each other, and action ensues, success happens.  Success might not be adding someone to your business or selling a product.  Success is making the information known and the prospect deciding for themselves.  Either you have a new customer or distributor, or you have more experience. Keeping on doing the action, whatever the immediate outcome, comes from persistence and the willpower to keep doing it.

So, your purpose has to be definite – perhaps, to help people – and the action has to take place.  Without action everything is theory.

Wishing you success with deciding to maintain persistence of action, allowing preparation to meet opportunity,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer





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