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Special Olympics – Medical Forms Every 3 Years

My daughter Leila loves participating in the Special Olymics.  Over the  years she participated in several of the events and for a long time got medals in the Equestrian events – western style.  She gave up horseback riding after 10 years.  The last time she fell of a horse she said it was enough.  She did finish the season – I required my children to come to a logical conclusion and expected no less of Leila.  And then she was done.

Now it’s time for bowling.  So, I had to get a quick visit into the doctor because the medical exam had to be within 6 months of filling out the form and her last well-check was earlier than that.  Luckily we were able to sneak in a Saturday morning appointment with our physician Jan Zieren.  Leila gave the staff the most entertainment they’d had all day and she is a very willing patient regarding blood tests. 

So the exam is done, the form turned in, and she’s ready for the next 3 years.  Vive le Special Olympics.  And thanks  Dr. Z.

Wendy Weber – The Singing Network Marketer

Phoenix Theatre – Spitfire Grill

I love going to the theatre.  I especially love going to the Phoenix Theatre, because it’s about 20 minutes from home, it’s easy to park, it’s a straight shot down 7th Street in Phoenix.  The performers are excellent and the production is usually excellent.

The “Spitfire Grill”, which we saw last night, I believe was an Arizona premier – not sure if it was a world premier, but some of my play-buddy Carol’s and my favorite local performers were in it.  For instance, Toby Yatzo and Rusty Ferracane appeared and we’ve seen them many times before – great talents.

It turned out to be a musical and it’s really fun to see something new that we knew nothing about.  The music was very good – not necessarily memorable as something from Les Miz or My Fail Lady, but still good.  Certainly worth the price of our season tickets and then some.

So if you get the chance to see it anywhere, take a chance!

Wendy Weber –  The Singing Network Marketer

I Entertained in Las Vegas!

Well, I did technically.  I entertained in Las Vegas last week-end.

Of course it wasn’t on a big stage.

I was at a training on Stock  Trading with Courtney Smith and a number of people who have been to T. Harve Eker’s Peak Potentials trainings.  This was not a Peak’s event, however.  Courtney knew I had written the song and invited me to perform it.

I had been to the Freedom Trader Intensive training in Los Angelos in early June and really ate up the information.  I am a mutual fund specialist but knew nothing about stock trading.  I very much saw the value in Courtney’s training.  There are techniques and ruled to follow for eventual success. 

At a Peak Potentials training there are declarations that we take home with us to say every day so that they get embedded into our subconscious.  I have been saying my Freedom Trader declarations several times a day. 

I am the Singing Network Marketer, but my songs and parodies are not limited to that subject.  I knew I was going to write one on the Freedom Trader.  A few days before this week-end event one occurred to me while I was driving in the car to choir rehearsal.  I had a lot of it written in my head.  After typing it up I took it on the plane Friday after work along with my ukulele for accompanyment.   Another couple of lines occurred to me and I added them.

Needless to say my Las Vegas appearance was a triumph.  I may never perform there again, but the memory will last a lifetime.

Taking one last bow now that I entertained in Las Vegas…

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer


I spoke to my mother this weekend.  She informed me that another of her friends had passed away.  This was not unexpected because her friend had recently developed severe dementia.  Her granddaughter called to let my mother know.  Mom and Sis had done a lot of traveling together. 

I also had known her from many visits back to Chicago over the years.  Also, her niece taught my oldest daughter in Sunday School in Phoenix, another “Jewish Geography” phenomenon. 

My mother is 90 and all her friends are being lost to her one-by-one.  She really feels it but keeps busy with various classes, group events, and synagogue events and an occasional local family gathering.  She had recently purchased a new car and is very independent in getting around town. 

Being in good health, her intention is to be around for a very long time – I think it’s no accident that children and grandchildren are younger.  Mom, my oldest, and I just did a trip to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to celebrate Mom’s turing 90.  She wouldn’t do all the things we did with anyone else – especially the whale-watching from a zodiac.  I have to post the photos.

Here’s to a long life with good health. 

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer