Recently I have been thinking about network marketing success and loyalty.

I had been with a company for 8 years and could not make a go of it. Great company, great products, couldn’t be successful no matter what I tried that was suggested for me to do.

When I started learning about Mentoring for Free and first spoke with MFF Founder Michael Dlouhy, he told me that my lack of success was not my fault. I wanted to believe that, but was angry that I company I had poured my hopes, dreams, and money into did not have the system, products, or pay plan that would allow me to be successful; they were not congruent with my personality.

I worked hard, but just became garage qualified – still using some of the products after 4 or 5 years. But after getting educated and acquiring the kind of skills I was not getting from the other company I had great difficulty to let it go, even though I knew it was not a good company for me. I felt it would be disloyal.

Reminds me of the dentist we had while growing up. He was a neighbor of my aunt. But he was not a very good dentist. My mother and I went to him anyway out of loyalty. We both have gum recession and while we have good dental care now, we would have been in better shape if we’d had a better dentist.

So, LOYALTY can be misplaced.

What about where your loyalties lie? Do they serve you or do they not?

Wishing you network marketing success – loyalty given to worthy entities…

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer