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When my mother and my older daughter were here during the holidays we saw the remake of True Grit with Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, and a remarkable new talent Hailee SteinfeldShe played the young girl out to get her father’s killer.  She was quite articulate (there was no TV in those days to dumb down the language) and showed a sense of righteous privilege throwing around the use of her attorney Lawyer Daggett.

Mom and I then on New Year’s eve saw The King’s Speech with one of my favorites (Pride and Prejudice)  Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter, and Geoffrey Rush.  This was a wonderful, interesting movie.  I was rooting for “Bertie”, the current Queen Elizabeth’s father, he and his wife’s sense of privilege that they wielded like a sword.  The speech therapist didn’t accept their terms, they had to accept his – and that was the only way the prince could be helped.

I found the sense of privilege very uncomfortable.  They don’t have to do the mundane things most of the rest of us have to do, and they seemed to think they were better than everyone else.  I did observe that they most likely put there pants and panties on one leg at at time.  Of course, I assume they both had personal dressers and maybe there is a secret that I don’t know about.

Myself, I feel privileged to be working with wonderful communities in my life, the Jewish community, the Scuba club community, and my network marketing community.  That’s the privilege to which I subscribe.

Wishing you all your own preferred privilege,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Network Marketing Success – Reflex

I went to the dentist  the other day to get a regularly scheduled teeth cleaning.  The hygienist had the suction device hanging in my mouth and was using water while she was cleaning.  Of course the water kept going down to the throat area triggering the swallow response.  I tried to not swallow for a while, but I couldn’t stop it.  So I started to think of network marketing – reflex response to what we do every day.

When we talk to people about our business or products our reflex, according to my friend and mentor Tom “Big Al” Schreiter is to say “hi” and “Blaaaah!”  We dump everything we know on them.  He also calls it “firehosing”.

However, with training, the right skills, the right things to say, we can stop that reflex and develop a new one.  Ice breakers, short stories, just what people need to hear to make a decision and no more – these are the skills we entrepreneurs need.  Also we can pass them on to our organization so that duplication can occur.

I can even see using them in our personal lives – I’m still looking for my significant other!  I’ve learned not to “dump”.

Anyway, the right reflexive action creates positive results.

Wishing you network marketing success, reflex in the good sense, and not drowning at the dentist,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer


The Queen

One of my favorite actresses is Helen Mirren.  I remember first noticing her in the sequel to 2001: a Space Odessy. This was 2010: the Year We Make Contact.  The movie also starred the late Roy Scheider.  Helen was the Russian Cosmonaut who was the rocketship’s captain.

Helen also won an academy award last year for her performance in The Queen, which I just saw last night on BBC America.  I missed it in the movies.  It is a study of Queen Elizabeth II after the car crash death of Diana Princess of Wales back in 1997.  She was also the queen in The Madness of  King George and played the British police detective Jane Tennison in the British Prime Suspect series which I avidly watched on PBS.  This was my favorite role.  I’m looking forward to seeing her in Red, as a former CIA agent.

What I noticed about her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II was the difference between the possible real queen and the perception of her.  She preferred to be quite private but in the end did come out to the public for the funeral of Diana.  She cared very much what her people thought of her.

While it is none of my business what others think of me, it only matters what I think of myself, there still appears to be some responsibility to the feelings of others in how I react to events or people.  It must be thoughtful and for the greater good, unless the greater good is not legal, ethical, or compromises my integrity.  The Queen prompted by the Prime Minister went against her own wishes and feelings but perhaps averted a huge backlash against the monarchy and the institution of the monarchy.

I felt sorry for her dilemma but also remembered being enamored by Princess Diana and felt she had been shafted.  I won’t know the real facts or if anyone was at fault.  The press can spin anything and generally does.  But I can make sure I do the right thing to the best of my ability and, thereby, keep my integrity as a leader.

Wishing we all do the right thing,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Well Check Visit

Yesterday Sueño and Gracie had their annual well-check visit at the All Creatures Animal Clinic in Phoenix with Dr. Irvin Ingram avian vet and founder of the clinic.

I was slightly concerned about Sueño, as his weight and appetite seem a bit down, but his behavior has been normal.  Last year he had an infection following his big annual molt (losing feathers and replacing them with new ones.  This level of molting, which sometimes seems like he’s raining feathers, can be very stressful. 

Since he and Gracie are on the downslope of their big molt, I was concerned that he might be ill again.  But Dr. Ingram says he’s fine, which is a relief.  I did not enjoy administering the medicine in a syringe that I stuck, sometimes aimed, in his beak.  It did work and he got better.

Both birds were weighed on a scale that measures in grams and has a perch.  After Dr. Ingram checked out Gracie it was Sueño’s turn.  The doctor wrapped him in a towel to look at his beak, eyes, feathers, check out his “tummy”, and listen to his heart.  He found my main man in good shape.

After Sueño was released from the towel he faced away from me and toward the doctor who was writing some notes and Sueño spread his beautiful blue and red tail.  He fluffed his other feathers a bit and just let Dr. Ingram have it!  He chirped, squeaked, and muttered.  He definitely was telling the doctor off.  What a riot! I found that hysterical and was sorry I did not have a video recording it.

I trim the toenails of both birds myself.  While they don’t like being wrapped in a towel (I am partial to keeping my fingers), they sit on my shoulder after the experience and are calm and loving.  They certainly know the difference.  Although I must say that Gracie didn’t have the same reaction following her examination.

Back at home everyone was happy to eat supper, including me.

Wishing you every well check visit go as well as Gracie and Sueño’s,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Progressive Party

Saturday Leila and I were part of a progressive party movement.

No – I’m not talking about a new or old political party.  We actually went from party to party all day.

We started at a festive Tropic Zone in Phoenix near my house, where I board Sueño and Gracie and get much of their supplies.  Actually both birds came from there.  My two feathered companions are what we call “re-homed”.  They needed a new family and I was ready for a new parrot at the time.

Next Leila and I headed for Scuba Sciences to vote in the chili cook-off.  We both liked #1 the best of the 5 entries.  Obviously, we had to try all five and had a little cornbread supplied by the restaurant behind the club.  I didn’t see on their website who won, so I presume we’ll find out at the next club meeting.

Last but not least we traveled out to Tempe Marketplace to Dave and Busters for the company holiday gala.  We saw lots of people I knew and played games there, had dinner, not necessarily high nutrition, and was successful at winning a prize that Leila is giving to her roommate Teresa at her house holiday party this Friday.

We each won a game of air hockey – Leila really knows how to play!   And Leila got better at driving each time she tried the Datona car race game and was really paying attention.  She loves to practice driving.

So there you have it.  Wishing you all fun progressive party time –

Wendy Weber, the  Singing Network Marketer

No Colonoscopy Blues Here!

Yesterday I had my second colonoscopy in 5 years.  The first one was clear of any polyps, but I had it because my mother had some and even needed one removed surgically.

This time the prep was much easier because I was not up all night, for one thing, the resulting cleansing, so to speak, took place in the morning.  Also, there was no irritation, and I chalk that up to the minimal amount of toxins in absorb and ingest due to the way I eat and the kinds of products I use on my skin and in my house.

And my dear friend and play-buddy Carol took me, because I was going to be in no shape to drive after being sedated.

This time Dr. Brown found a polyp which he removed and sent to pathology. It is unlikely that is is cancerous, but there’s only one way to tell.

So I’m feeling much better today, which is great, because Leila, who was dropped off last night to my house, and I have a full day of fun and parties, including a chili cook-off at Scuba Sciences.  Seems like nearly endless festivities culminated at Dave and Busters in Tempe, a party sponsored by my daytime job company.  Leila loves to play the games there.

Hope everyone else is having fun today, too.

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Last night after work I went to a business networking mixer at Un Bacio restaurant in Scottsdale sponsored by Raven, who facilitates events.  This was the first one I’ve been able to attend for some time.  The stars, calendar, day of the week – whatever – were in alignment for me.

I arrived with a stack of my Mentoring for Free business cards in my pocket.  I like wearing pants with pockets – very convenient for cards, keys, tissues, etc.  In my left pocket were my cards and I reserved my right pocket for cards I would collect.

Raven and a helper greeted me when I arrived just a bit early and I put my  name on a name tag, which I placed on my right front shoulder.  Sometime ago I learned that was the place to put name tags, not on the left side, because we usually shake hands with our right hand and our eyes are naturally drawn to the other person’s right shoulder and are more likely to notice a name tag there.

At any rate I started to talk to people and had a really good time.  I handed out a few cards, collected a few, and told my story – thanks to magic sequence of words taught to me by my friend Debi Talbert – and had a few people asking for more information.  This stuff works, folks.

While eating some hors d’oeurves at a table with some other ladies I listened to a nurse who ran an assisted living home talk about the wonderful vitamin she represented.  This would be something that competed with my company and I just listened as she told her story.  Thinking that she would benefit from Mentoring for Free training I gave her my card as she gave me hers.  It’s okay – plenty of room for everyone.   Although she did what all or nearly all networkers do and claim that there was nothing better.

The truth is that most network marketing companies have good products or they wouldn’t be in business, so if I can help this person, that would be awesome.

I also met one of the featured persons at the event, an entertainer, comedian, model, actor, emcee Armon Williams (www./  We talked a bit about doing parodies, which he has done, and some original music, both of which I so as the Singing Network Marketer for my business and other events.  It’s a lot of  fun talking with someone who does some of the same things I do and to get some practical information as well.  I’ll start seeing what else he does.

Another fun person was a gentleman who was an attorney and was in construction.  We had a good time chatting and said it was because I was such an “up” person.  As a blue personality I have no trouble talking (it’s listening I work on!) but was pleased to be seen as a person people want to talk to.

Speaking of using my listening skills, when he and I were talking with another lady who was there just gentleman watching, he said he lived in a sea of estrogen – wife and 2 teen girls.  So I told him that I had a product for him!  He took my card when I said it’s the men who make sure their wives and daughters don’t run out of this.  I’ll follow up with him – I have his card.

Anyway, whatever comes of my card exchanges and conversations, I had a good time.   A lot of people were there for the first time so there’s a constant stream of new people in addition to those who just want to hang out, have fun, and support Raven.

If the dates and stars align again for me I’ll attend another Raven event.

Wishing you to have fun creating relationships – it’s the best part of life –

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

The Power of the Subconscious Mind – WOW!

I have learned first from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and even more vividly from my friend and mentor  Tom “Big Al” Schreiter that the conscious mind is the size of a “pea” and the subconscious mind is as big as a hotel.  The subconscious mind rules our lives and makes all our decisions, but is as dumb as a brick.

At Art Jonak’s Mastermind event the other month it was presented as the “ant” and the “elephant“.

I work hard with the Mental Cleanse sponsored by Mentoring for Free to program my own mind and no longer let outside influences program it.  This is not an easy task, requires lots of positive self-talk and avoiding negative influences.  Constant monitoring is required for as long as, well, forever, as long as I live.  I want to hear my own thoughts coming out of my head, not someone else’s.

The other day when I was using the black and white pages of a local newspaper the Moon Valley Tattler, a perfect fit to line Sueño’s birdcage, I happened to glance at a story about a local chiropractor who was saying goodbye to everyone, that he was retiring and moving on, but that the practice was still in good hands with his partner.

Well, I felt a bit of sadness – and I didn’t even know the guy!

This really got my attention.  I’m programmed to feel loss when someone leaves.  It occurs to me that I feel loss, perhaps a fear of loss with people and objects and papers.  This may be the feeling that keeps me a pack rat.  Boy, my elephant is powerful and my ant has a lot of work to do to catch up and tweak the direction with new programming.  This was so dramatic that it has provided me with even more motivation to take control back of my “elephant”.

Wishing you control of the power of the subconscious mind in a head near you – maybe your own –

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Pearl Harbor Day

Today is Pearl Harbor Day, the 69th anniversary of the attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii that got the United States officially into World War II.

Over 1000 men alone died on the  Arizona, which sank in the harbor and is on the the tourist route there.  President Franklin D Roosevelt said it was a day that would live in infamy.  It certainly did that.

This is the event that also got my late dad into the war.  He really didn’t want to be drafted into the army, didn’t want to do combat duty on the ground in Europe.

Dad wanted to finish college and then to join the Navy and be in the war in the Pacific.  His actually getting accepted into the Navy’s “90-day-Wonder” program is another story, but he was able to graduate and served on the Lucky Leon.

Thanks, Dad, for helping to keep us free and to come out alive.  I sure miss you.

Deep thanks to all who served in WWII and all the wars our country has fought to keep us free.

We have a lot of work to do at home as well to keep our freedom from eroding and to honor and support those who still serve and their families who sacrifice their absence.

May God bless you all.

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

I just came across a printed copy of a series of emails between my mother and me from 2005.

One of my entries was about canceling a summer week-end retreat in Wisconsin I’d gone to for a couple of years, and the last year with my mother, flying to Chicago and traveling in her car. This was for a company I’d been with for 8 years and just couldn’t make it work, I had no profits.

I did find out that it wasn’t my fault.  This was great to know, because I had thought my lack of success was my fault, which made me feel rather lousy.

But it was difficult to let go of the loyalty I felt.  Was it brainwashing?  Was it the relationships I had with some of the people?  Was it that I used the products?  Perhaps all of the above.  But it wasn’t till this year that I was finally able to let go and let my distributor status fade away.

It is time.  I’ve acquired new skills and have a compensation plan that works for me and my personality.  It wasn’t easy, but I had to do it.  Michael Dlouhy founder of Mentoring for Free is right – you cannot be “married” to two companies at the same time just as you cannot be married to two spouses at once.  I had to cut the ties once and for all.

Does that mean I’ll never use the other products again?  Certainly not.  I just won’t be a distributor or have anything get in the way of me current company and the skill set that I have acquired that works; I have practical training for what works today.

Wishing you network marketing success and letting go of what doesn’t work,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

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