Without relationships our lives would be pretty dull and lonely.

Leila and I just finished another season of High Holiday services.  Once again, we find that relationships are the ballgame.

Leila sat with the rest of the congregation with friends she likes sitting with while I was up on the bima with choir.  This is the third year I’ve sung with this group of people and the fourth year we’ve had choir for our High Holiday services.  So we know pretty well what we can do and who will do what with each song.  That minimizes the number of rehearsals we need to hold.  Also, there’s a comfort in that.

It doesn’t hurt that most of the choir members are professional singers and performers.  There are three of us amateurs, members of the synagogue, who volunteer our time. 

I love singing with these people.  We are now friends.  They make me a better singer.  I am not professional but I’m a good singer. I don’t stand out singing with them as I do at work, and that’s just fine.  I would get better if I practice more.  That’s my choice.

It’s the same with my networkmarketing skills.  I get better at them when I keep on doing them. 

I’m a better cook the more I cook (you’d probably love my cooking!)  etc.

Keep building those relationships.  They are the ballgame.

And as I say at the end of most of my videos:

I am Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer wishing you a joyous melody in your heart and harmony in your life.  See ya!