We all have our traditions, don’t we,  for family, religious, sports and other acitvities that we do on a regular basis, whether it be yearly or more often than that.  We tend to feel attached to those traditions.  But network marketing success – tradition versus what works today – may be one area from which to let go of traditional method that we’ve been taught – with the exception that what you are doing works for you.

I was thinking about this because it’s Passover and it was my turn to bring in breakfast for my team at work.  I brought in some traditional Passover foods that my family usually eats.

That sparked one of my colleagues who misses her home in Poland to tell the story of an Easter tradition that is from her homeland.

She and her family prepare baskets with sausages and other foods and take them to the church service.  The priest blesses these baskets for the holiday and everyone goes home and eats them.  But not here in Arizona.  My friend and her family drive 30 miles to find a church with that tradition. 

These traditions work for my friend and myself.  They do not need to be changed.

But the traditional methods of network marketing, such as making a list of family and friends, the “3-foot rule”, buying leads, the hard sell and closing, these do not work in today’s environment.  And if they do for the short term, they are not sustainable and definitely not duplicatable for the masses. 

And what is network marketing about?  Duplication of what you do so that you don’t have to do it forever, yet still earn a residual income check.

So happy holidays, no matter which you celebrate.

Wishing you the ability to recognize network marketing success, tradition versus what works today –

Wendy Weber, Singing Network Marketer