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Wow, can you believe that another year has ended?  Where did the time go!  It went by is a blur for me. 

So, have you yet taken inventory of this past year?  Have you set your plan and goals for next year?  Many mentors counsel us to do just that.  We have to know where we’ve come from, where we are, and then we can better gage where we’re going – and better see the path to get there.

This is something I must do.  I have to do some product inventory for my taxes anyway.  I might as well throw in the inventory of my business, and maybe even my life.  As my life goes, so goes my business.  I am the architect of both.  And architechs analyze, measure, plan and draw out, so there is a plan, a set of steps to follow.

It must be the same in a successful business.  This doesn’t mean we don’t have to tweak and adjust course and plans from time-to-time.  Maybe we have to do this all the time.  When we drive a car or ride a bike we make minute corrections in direction all the time.  We just don’t notice it anymore after we gain experience,

So, here’s wishing  a very Happy New Year to all and to all, network marketing success.

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

MLM Success and Holiday Cheer

Of course you can have holiday cheer anyway, but mlm success and holiday cheer go together very well.

Since I am part of a global team that is a family, both my Mentoring for Free mastermind family and my team mastermind family, we support each other wherever we are in the world, thanks to the magic and instantaneous connection via technology.

Talk about positive energy!  MLM works best when you have a team that loves each other, works together, supports each other, and leaves greed and ego at the door.

I want to thank Michael and Linda Dlouhy, founders of Mentoring for Free, and all the great mentors and coaches, including Richard Dennis,  Don Standard, Sarah Thompson, Judi Sheehan, Patti  Blevins, Bob and Anna Bassett, Marcello Lisi, Cynthia Breed, Penny Dude, Walter Reade, and the technology people who record trainings, including Ken Klemm, Dwight Baker, Kim Bolte, Kathy Moffatt.

Thank you for your great service to us all.  Wishing you a wonderful holiday season, a fantastic new year.  Let’s go mentor’em in 2010.

Wishing you all mlm success and holiday cheer,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Network Marketing Success and Happy Holidays

This is a great time of year to wish everyone network marketing success and Happy Holidays. 

A lot of people think this is a lousy time to do mlm business.  Actually, it’s a wonderful time.

Many companies have special offers for products and incentives and, hopefully, these can be used as presents or just a way to get ahead in the company or stock up on product, points, whatever it is with your company.   And it’s a great time to introduce to family and friends to what you are doing through either gifts or the “magic sequence of words” as taught to us by the incomparable Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, one of my favorite mentors.  I like his no-rejection methods.

I am giving a favorite product to all the staff who take care of my daughter Leila and her roommates at her house.  One joined my business and the others probably won’t, which is just fine.  If they ever become customers, that would be great, and if not, that’s okay, too.

So have fun, be well, eat wisely, and enjoy the holidays.

Wishing you network marketing success and happy holidays –

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer