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Salt River Brass and Guest Violinist Peter Wilson

I just love concerts, plays, mostly comedies and musicals, and just great entertainment.  This does not include some of the more popular music that some of my peers and my children grew up with.  I favor more classical and standards, old rock and roll, and folk.  Some opera, if it is great melody and not endless repetition.  I think the repetition in much of opera is what drives me crazy – get on with it already! 

Can you tell what personality color I am?

Any way, my friend Carol and I went to Bob’s Salt River Brass concert at the Mesa Arts Center.  It was the annual salute to the veterans concert An American Dream.  This is always a good one.  The guest soloist was Peter Wilson, virtuoso violinist of the White House in D.C., and part of the President’s Own United States Marine Band, which band was here for a great concert Halloween evening.  That was a treat, all right!

Anyway, we always enjoy these concerts and Gunnery Sargent Peter Wilson was awesome – classically trained and also did the Orange Blossom Special and The Devil Went Down to Georgia.  He said that when he joined the band the conductor had him learn bluegrass. 

And he said this is the first brass band with which he has played and it was the most fun he’d had.  He’ll be back.  Yay!

Vive l’horns.

Wishing you great brass in your life,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

I saw an ad on TrafficSwarm with the heading “Do you want to be Filthy Rich?”  That got me to thinking about mlm success and “filthy rich” – negative connotation.

The first I really heard and understood about negative connotations about money was at a presentation by Randy Gage in Tucson when I was with a prior company.  He used word pictures and stories and also used the movie Titanic as an example.  Fortunately, I never liked that movie and refuse to see it again.  Then I understood why.

The message of the movie is basically that the rich people are boring and stupid and evil and the poor people are interesting, fun, resourceful, and good.  With that kind of an attitude, how can anyone ever get ahead – as soon as they get some wealth they’ll lose it because their subconscious mind will say it’s bad and create situations to get rid of wealth or stop it from accumulating.

The TrafficSwarm advertiser may just be setting himself up for failure – when people feel that having money is dirty, they tend to self-sabotage themselves in accumulating money.  Even if that expression is used in jest.  They will get so far and then start to fail.  It reminds me of “washing your mouth out with soap”.  Got to clean up, money is dirty…

It takes awareness and work to change around that thinking.  Often we cannot do it alone.  I can tell you that the best way is to turn off all negativity around  you – TV, newspapers, radio, etc. – and substitute the negative thoughts with positive ones.  Possibly you cannot do this alone.  I couldn’t. 

And also, we need to find out where our negative thoughts, programming comes from, acknowledge it, and let it go.  This can be a life-long, ongoing  process.

And, guess what?  You might find the real you inside you.  I did.  Still working on it, but doing much, much better.

Wishing you the means to get rid of the mlm success and “filthy rich’ negative connotation and embrace all the great things you can do with money,

Wendy Weber, Singing Network Marketer