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It doesn’t matter how persistent you are if you do not have a solid business plan and the plan works.  So, if your business plan doesn’t work, try a new one.

Recently I did an Ezine article called “My Greatest Mentor for Network Marketing Success – The Bike Lesson“, which described the persistence of my daughter while learning to ride her bike.  She fell hundreds of times but kept getting back up till she attained her goal – to ride her bike without training wheels.

Leila, who happens to have developmental delays, was determined.  Most of the practicing she did by herself.  But she had expert help to learn how to ride and she had support of her family.

While Leila didn’t know she had a plan, a plan, however informal, was created for her, nonetheless.  Leila’s plan was sound.  She had the correct help to learn, she had support, and all she needed, then, was supervised practice…and practice… and practice… and so on.  So she was on the right path and never quit till she attained her goal.  I’ve never seen anyone more determined.

Now what about me?  As I tried to do Leila’s example and not quit with my network marketing company, I tried and tried to do the business but didn’t succeed.  I couldn’t succeed.  It was the wrong business model for me.

Napoleon Hill says that “if your first plan fails – try another!” Don’t keep working a plan that is not working.  Replace it with another and another till you find one that works.  This sounds a lot like Thomas Edison, who failed 10,000 times till he found the correct combination for the electric lightbulb to work.  He knew it would and just kept trying.

Because I didn’t understand the book the first time I read it, I didn’t “get it”.  I was in the wrong company with the wrong business plan for me and nothing I tried worked.  I didn’t understand what was wrong.

I didn’t have the benefit of a mastermind of leaders with the expertise and training who could help me.  When I finally found that mastermind group, when I finally learned the truth that the business plan I was focused on was the wrong one for me, that’s when my life changed.

Ultimately I needed to recognize the truth for me.  I have the attention and coaching of people who are building organizations now.  I have the benefit of multiple mentors who invite me to ask for help.  These are people who are not looking to recruit me into their business.  These are people who care about the network marketing industry and want everyone to succeed.

So, persistence isn’t everything.  Leila had a successfully working learning model to master the bike-riding.  Therefore her persistence could, and eventually did, culminate in success.  And I had to find the same for my business to have similar results for me in my endeavor.  Thus, for network marketing success, remember that if your business plan doesn’t work, try a new one.

Wishing you a business plan that’s working,

Wendy Weber

Houston, We Have A.C.

For any of you who’ve been following this blog, you know that I have been without air conditioning in my upstairs for the whole summer – and we’ve had some very hot days in Phoenix.  And that means it’s been quite uncomfortable to work in my office and I just didn’t do videos for that reason.  And for much of this time I was sleeping downstairs on the couch.

Actually, the a.c. unit went out last summer.  I can tell you, I really learned how much electricity money the old unit cost me when I didn’t have it working.  My monthly electric bill went down my $50.00 a month.  Wow.  So now I’m going to replace the unit downstairs, because it is the same vintage as the old upstairs one.  That should really reduce my bill further.

In addition, I also use a computer controlled electric unit that regulates when certain appliances can run.  For instance, my water heater only runs from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm weekdays and all weekend.  I’ve been doing this for many years and that also makes a difference.  My dryer and the dishwasher are only run during those times.

I’m looking into solar – Phoenix is a great place for that – I would love to be paid for generating electricity.  All this new technology will eventually pay off for energy in general.  I would imagine that an efficient solar car would be lovely for Phoenix – except it wouldn’t work when parked in the garage or covered parking.  Efficient battery plug-ins, perhaps…

Anyway, the new a.c. unit for downstairs has to work – that’s where Sueño and Gracie abide.

So as the summer ends I have a more-or-less whole house again.

Wishing everyone has a whole house – and  A.C. where necessary,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer

Network Marketing Success – Staying Plugged In

I’m very much into network marketing success, staying plugged in.

T.G.I.F.  Why do I like Fridays so much?

Well, first of all, it’s choir rehearsal at my job and I get to sing the last two hours of the day, unless I am the substitute rehearsal director, which I will be next week.  Then I need to listen more and help people with parts.

Secondly, while there’s no Mentoring for Free training calls to plug into on Fridays, I know that Saturday I have an early morning small group company training where I hone certain skills, a team training call mid-morning, and the usual Saturday night training call.  Tomorrow the subject is Compensation Plans.  Most people haven’t a clue about how theirs works at their network marketing company.

That means, they are unaware about how many hoops they have to jump through to get paid.  And that means that retention of the average part-time networker is dismal – if even that good.  And that means there’s little or no residual income.

I do not know about you, but I do not want to be going over and over the same territory.  I do not want to keep replacing people who quit.  That would mean I am walking in place and not getting ahead.   And that would mean that I would be in an endless cycle of sponsoring and will never be able to retire while having earnings coming in month after month whether I am still building a group or not.

Since the training tomorrow night is on compensation plans, the people who plug into it, are open to the truth, and are coachable, will be the people who will ultimately have success and be able to retire, say, with me!

Wishing that you have network marketing success staying plugged in,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Bowling for My Team

At my job yesterday I represented my team in a bowling contest.  I had only one shot with a well-used softball to knock down 10 emply water bottle bowling pins.  I got a strike!  Good think we had that Wii bowling practice in one of our team-building meetings.

It’s a great feeling to be successful, even in something a bit silly like that bowling.  We’re doing one of these a week and the ultimate goal is a free lunch for the team.

A lot of what we do here at my job is team-related and we work very well together.

Network marketing is the same, if not more dependent on a team that works great together.  It is a team effort and should be fun.  When it’s working smoothly everyone feels wonderful.  If anyone is struggling there are team members to help out.  No one can have a successful network marketing business by his or herself.  At least, not the freedom-generating residual income most of us are working for.

And did I mention have fun?

Here’s to great team-building events for you and success – even if it’s not bowling.

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer

I Love My Mattress!

I’m still without air conditioning upstairs.  Fortunately, when Phoenix is a bit cooler, i.e. 104 degrees, 108, even it’s cooler in the upstairs of my home than, say 115 degrees  Farenheit outside. So last night I thought I’d try to sleep upstairs instead of on the couch downstairs.  It was barely cool enough.

Boy, did my mattress feel good!  It has that 2 inch foam topper that I got a couple of years ago at First Tuesday’s.  I was able to just stretch out and feel the bit of give but also support.  Unlike my couch, which doesn’t have that “topper” effec, it felt one might say, more like lying on a cloud.  Anybody remember which mattress product “sleeping on a cloud” described in a commercial?  All those sheep were around me – fortunately they were silent.

Isn’t it amazing how we can be grateful for the small things – like my own bed, like having a roof over my head and my own furniture.  I love my kitchen that has enough counter space for me to do the cooking I want – I enjoy my own cooking.  I have enough bathrooms for me and a guest or two.  And my birds, now feathered out enough again to fly, are enjoying their flying space.

Thank you Adonai (God) for all my blessings inside and outside me.

Did I say I love my mattress?

Hope you’re sleeping on a cloud –

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer.

Changes – Life Will Always Have Those

So, my eldest is back from Nigeria is settling in Baltimore, while my son, my youngest, is moving to Israel at the end of the month.  Leila, the sandwich child, stays pretty much the same here in Phoenix near me.

Most people hate to change but change is inevitable.  How do we deal with those changes?  That is always the measure of us.  Do we make something positive out of changes?  If not we have some personal growth to which to attend.  If we stay “down” too long, that is our own responsibility.

Change has been a part of my life, and especially my own change, the growth I’ve experienced.

Wishing that your changes be easy ones,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

The thought for the day, August 12, 2009, from the Napoleon Hill Foundation is this:





Envious people sometimes attribute success primarily to luck. Nothing could be more wrong. As coach Darryl Royal once observed, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Success occurs when you have a definite purpose for your life and you take the initiative to follow through with action. You may make mistakes occasionally-everyone does-but any action is far better than doing nothing.

I thought this was appropriate because today is also Mentoring for Free’s Mental Cleanse day – 2 calls every Wednesday, 3:00 pm Eastern and 8:00 pm Eastern.

It is common for people who are not successful to call people who are successful lucky.  People who are lucky work for it.  In network marketing they learn the correct skill, practice them, have the right mindset – wanting to help others – and when the opportunity appears, they are ready and take advantage of it.

Generally, these skills are not acquired overnight.  They aren’t always used correctly, but this will improve with action.  Practice makes perfect.  People working on the skills and have the correct mindset attract people who need and want their help. Note:  a lot of people who need help don’t want it!

So when the skills and opportunity bump into each other, and action ensues, success happens.  Success might not be adding someone to your business or selling a product.  Success is making the information known and the prospect deciding for themselves.  Either you have a new customer or distributor, or you have more experience. Keeping on doing the action, whatever the immediate outcome, comes from persistence and the willpower to keep doing it.

So, your purpose has to be definite – perhaps, to help people – and the action has to take place.  Without action everything is theory.

Wishing you success with deciding to maintain persistence of action, allowing preparation to meet opportunity,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer





Today my mother is 88 years of age.   Some people would say “young”,  some people would say “old”.  I say, I’m looking for the next international trip for us, as per your request.

If I take after my mother, I will live long and be active all that time.

Mother is petite like I am.  She used to have beautiful auburn hair and some of that is still evident among the gray hair.  It’s nice being a similar size because we often can use each other’s clothes.

Mom was always physically active and continued to go to aerobics till her hip-replacement last year.  She took great care of my father when he was ill in his last years.  After being the State of Illiinois Nursing Home Service for many years she refused to send him to a nursing home and had help caring for him at home.  She also is a great mentor for me.  My late brother, one of the most loving people you’d ever meet,  had retardation and difficult to control epilepsy from infancy and my parents took great care of him.  I was also part of the care group.

Mom and Dad were great supporters of me with granddaughter Leila, who, having Down syndrome, is another loving, vivaceous person.  Like grandmother, like granddaughter.

My mother keeps her own house – on 3 levels – with some help for the heavy work.  She shovels snow and cleans off her car.  She still does her own shopping and cooking.  She is active with her synagogue, a singles group, bookclub group, takes classes now and then, and attends various plays and concerts with friends.  Often she is the designated driver.  She had her Bat Mitzvah with a group at age 70.

Mom plants her own flowers in the back yard, programs the VCR, does email, and is an avid reader.  She used to do art and I have some of ther oils, charcoals, and water colors in my house and she has many in her house.  Over the years she took knitting, sewing, macramé, and quilting. 

We still go on trips together, and lately were in Baltimore for my daughter   Rachel’s  PhD graduation ceremony and Washington, DC for site-seeing and visiting cousins.  With Rachel we also went to the Galapagos over New Years in 2003-4 and Africa in October 2007, when I was pleased to surprise her with her very own song My Mama Miriam.  Mom had a hip replacement last year and says she is ready for another international trip.  Will Rachel be able to go now that she has sprung herself from her post-doc in Nigeria and has a new job with Johns Hopkins, we don’t know.  But we’ll see if we can manage one with her, otherwise, we’ll just go somewhere.

I’m interested in going back to South America to see all the parrots, but I’m open.  We’ll see what Mom wants to do and also what good tour or cruise values are out there for next year.  However, Mom is going on Leila’s and my team cruise to the Caribbean in 2010.  We’ll have a ball.

So, Happy Birthday, Mom.  Here’s to another decade or two together!

I’m proud to have you for my mother.


Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Network Marketing Tips – Specialized Knowledge

I wrote an Ezine Article the other day on my daughter Leila called The Greatest Mentor for Network Marketing  Success – The Bike Lesson.  I was focusing on Leila’s persistence while she was learning to ride her bike, that she fell hundreds of times and kept getting back up to try again.  This put me in mind of network marketing tips, specialized knowledge.

Napoleon Hill writes about specialized knowledge in Think and Grow Rich, chapter 5 on “specialized knowledge”.  “Knowledge is only potential power.  It becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action and directed to a definite end.”  You can acquire knowledge through schooling, independent study from books and periodicals from libraries and other sources, personal experience, and through cooperation of others, especially a mastermind alliance.  Mr. Hill says these are the most important ways.

This knowledge needs to be applied to accomplish something or it is just trivia.  Now, I love trivia as much as the next person, it is fun to know, but it probably only helps me in games and, perhaps, Jeopardy.

Let’s get back to Leila.  I, as a mere mortal parent, did not know how to teach my child who happens to have Down syndrome how to ride her bike without training wheels.  It was easy with my other two kids.  We were fortunate enough that there was a recreation specialist who did have the specialized knowledge and experience, and therefore, the solution to our challenge.

She had worked with a lot of kids who had cognitive delays and physical development delays.  She knew how to evaluate the kids and work with their strengths and develop the strategy to help them learn the skills, in Leila’s case, to ride her bike.  While it still took Leila longer to learn, the ultimate outcome was success.  The specialist had the strategy; Leila took the action.  Leila rides her bike.

There were many opportunities for Leila to quit and therefore fail – each time she fell with her bike.  She is nothing if not persistent and has a wealth of self-confidence.  But she needed someone to teach her who knew how to teach her.

Specialized knowledge is also important for success in network marketing.

I’m talking about particular skills.  I’m talking about knowing how to speak to people without an agenda.  I’m talking about knowing how to coach and mentor.  I’m referring to how and when to follow-up, how to motivate, how to be there for your team, how to have the patience to wait till the time is right for the other person.

Most of us do not have these skills naturally.  They usually have to be and can be learned through the right kind of training.

These skills can be acquired through paid programs or free ones.  Personally, I have found that the free programs do as well or better than the paid for ones.  However you do it, you might agree that if you’re a doctor or a ditch-digger you need the appropriate skills.

Network marketing is no different and the skills are not taught in school.

I wish you success with these network marketing tips and acquiring the specialized knowledge you need for success.

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer

Have you ever had someone call you or email you all excited because they’ve been invited to a groundfloor opportunity that’s very exciting and will make lots of money?  But you have to get in now or you will lose the opportunity to make more money or to get in free or if you don’t get in now you’ll miss the opportunity to have hundreds of people get in under you or…you get my drift.

One of my Mentoring for Free clients called and left a voice mail similar to the above.  Of course,  I know, then, that she did not do the trainings assigned to her to obtain mlm skills and thereby sound judgment.  And she had also coached with my friend and mentor Richard Dennis, who’s been in the business many years and told her that most businesses do not make it 2 years.  And my other friend and mentor, founder of Mentoring for Free, also teaches that most of those start-up companies aren’t really in the business of business, but out to create a list to sell to unsuspecting, uneducated mlm’ers who are told to call leads that they purchase.  Don’t get me started on that!

So the people who contacted my coachee knew all the negative buttons to push for prospects, such as fear of loss, greed, etc.  Being uneducated, or being unwilling to get educated enough to hear the truth when she heard it or lies, as the case may be, she jumped in to this “opportunity”.  After having gone over the compensation plan for the company she had been part of with Richard, she seemed discriminating about that.  She said she was a “green” and liked to do the research.

But as Richard, also a “green”, analytical personality can tell you, without proper knowledge and “bullet-proofing”, when the right buttons are pushed even the greens can turn off their brains and believe what they want to believe.  He had done it in the past.

I consulted Richard, because I wanted to “save” this person.  But he counseled me what I already knew.  I cannot help her.  She wouldn’t believe me, anyway.  So I have to let her go her way and when the “program” she is in crashes and burns, when she shows up on an mlm leads list, she may come back and really learn what she needs to learn.  But what a waste of time for her!

There’s no substitute for critical thinking and keeping your brain engaged.

As the saying goes, getting educated will save you years of failure and frustration.

Wishing you the best mlm for you and the understanding that you can’t save people because they have to save themselves,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer

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