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Make Each Day Count

As I was driving home the other day from work I passed the high school where 2 of my kids went.   There is a sign out front with moving letters in lights.  I know there’s a word for that, but it escapes me just now.

Anyway, the message this time was “Make Every Day Count” and had the date school would resume, which is scheduled for the middle of August.

I thought about that.  We never know when our last day is, or what will happen to us, except when we design our life, envision it, and go for it.  We learn all about how to do this in concert with others who participate in Mentoring for Free’s Mental Cleanse calls on  Wednesdays each week.  We study Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich chapter by chapter, do our own lessons and, well, mastermind them.

I’ve had the most personal growth from these calls and the Saturday night Coaches Corner Mastermind call.  It’s unbelievable – and we see other people grow, as well.

Anyway, we learn, I’ve learned – to make each day count.  Count toward my vision of a better life than the one I have, even though it’s a pretty good one.  I’ve learned not to settle for what I have.  I must be grateful for what I have, which I am.  But the ultimate design of my life is in my own hands through my own thought, belief, then action.

All we have is each other, our thoughts, and one day at a time to act on all this.  By making each day count we reach our heart’s desire?  What is our heart’s desire?  Well, that’s another blog, or another Mental Cleanse call.

Happy 4th of July, for my fellow Americans.

Wishing that you make each day count,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Last night just before midnight my daughter working in Africa called.  She’s the only one who ever calls me at that hour, fortunately for me.

Where she is  email is unreliable.  I actually do better keeping up with her on Facebook, so when she makes a post I get to see it along with all her other friends.

But for news, she usually calls me.  Or if she needs me to do something for her.  And then I get to relay the info to her grandmother (my mother).  It’s like a short phone tree.

This is a determined, beautiful young lady who has worked hard and long to get where she is – the post doc position in Nigeria is a stepping-stone for the next place in her life, which is to be back in the city where she has done all her graduate work, except for the research in Israel for her thesis.

She was offered a great position and she’s going to take it.  She’ll still get to travel internationally, which is something she’s a real pro at doing.  Maybe she and Mom and I can go on another trip together.  The ones to Africa and Galapagos were fantastic.  And she and I went to the Chilean Fjords for her PhD present, also awesome.

Maybe she’ll meet a nice fellow up to her standards and I’ll finally get to be a grandma.

Isn’t that why we raise kids in the first place?  To be able to play with the grandkids and then give them back?  That sounds like the best of both worlds to me.

Hoping you have good news for Independence Day yourself –

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Keeping Up With Friends on Facebook

I’ve recently discovered what a great asset the Facebook social network is for keeping up with people. 

It really is the only way to know what is going on with my daughter working in Nigeria.  And I just added an old school friend whom I see whenever I visit my mother in Chicago.

I just read that her husband had been in a cycling accident and I was able to sent my get well wishes.  I wouldn’t have known that if we did not connect in that social networking site.

My mother taught me to write letters and send hand written thank you notes.  I still send the “thank yous” in writing by mail, but keeping up by letter is a huge time drag.  Even my mother emails these days, as my daughter made her get a computer and learn.  I sometimes have to go into her email and help her straighten it out, but by-and-large she does pretty well, and she’s in her upper 80’s.

I have to laugh when people in their 50’s tell me they’re much to old to learn!

I had gone for months not looking at Facebook.  I rarely go into Myspace.  I do Facebook more regularly now and need to get back to the many friends I made on Myspace.  I also “tweet” on Twitter, which shows up on Facebook.

I have even set up a Facebook account for my other daughter.  We talk nearly every day.  She does not type or have access to the internet except at my house.  I plan to have her tell me what she wants to say and we’ll get her going.

I wonder if I should set up account for the birds, meaning my blue-headed pionus parrots Sueño and Gracie.  The former has a page on, the web site of Bird Talk magazine.  He’s on most of my business cards and labels and even on this blog.  He’s in some of my YouTube videos.  He’s a star – why not?

Great place to network, whether for personal or for business.  It’s, well, networking.

Wishing you great use out of your Facebook account,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer

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