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Perseverance Versus Obstinacy

Henry Ward Beecher says: The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is that one comes from a strong will, and the other from a strong won’t.

Wow!  This really spoke to me when I saw read it.

I have learned to concentrate on the positive.  I need no negativity in my life and constantly and consciously strive to turn any negative occurrences and thoughts in my life to the positive.  There is no room for negativity.  I am determined not to attract it.  I deserve the best, my heart’s desires, and only good things.

I’d rather be and work with people who persevere.  Stubborn and obstinate folk drain my energy.  I can be there when they want help and decide to be coachable.  Otherwise, please do not waste my time and energy.

The vigilence against the negative is constant, ongoing.  It takes effort, but is well worth it.  Where have I learned to have the power, the courage to shoot for the stars?  From the Mental Cleanse and the Coaches Corner Mastermind calls sponsored by Mentoring for Free.

You may have heard that we get what we pay for.  You may think that because Mentoring for Free is free that it has no value.  This could not be farther from the truth.

The price is your (and my) time, effort, and attention.  I don’t know about you, but nothing is more valuable to me than my time.  It is priceless.  It can never be replaced.

So, actually the cost is high.  Is it worth it to own your life?  I’m betting that it is.

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer

Fun at Camp – Shared Experience

Yesterday I left my job early to attend the quarterly ISP (Individual Service Plan) meeting on behalf of Leila. The only ones in attendance were myself, Leila’s house manager, and the support coordinator.

We are currently blessed with an outstanding support coordinator, and, believe me, I know the difference!

In fact, her daughter is volunteering at the camp Leila is at this week, Civitan in Williams, AZ, and because Judith spoke with her daughter on the phone, Leila was also put on the line, so we know for a fact that she is having fun – Leila said so.

I’m never worried about that. No news is always good news from camp. I just keep the postcards going to camp and send the address out to other friends and team members, so Leila gets mail nearly every day of camp. I’ll get a report from Leila when she comes home.

Fortunately for me, this camp provides transportation. Also, Leila has friends there she was also with earlier this month from Lions Camp Tatiyee in Lakeside, AZ. We keep running into the same people, because the disability world is smaller than the general population and the same people show up for the activities geared for them.

Leila loves knowing who someone is and having a history with that person. Don’t ever tell Leila a secret – she’ll remember it forever.

Her camp experience is similar to our team cruise every year. We will both be glad to travel with our friends that we now see from year to year. And my mother will be going with for the first time. There is a shared experience that we can carry with us and recall together. That recall is half the fun.

Wishing I were at camp, too,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Networkk Marketer

Watch the Poop

Sueño and Gracie often accompany my to the bathroom as I finish getting ready for the day after breakfast. They perch on the towel bar over my bathtub, as it is easy to clean up after any “offerings” and they like to do some mutual preening.

Normally Sueño doesn’t pay attention to where his dropping goes. I have not toilet trained him.

But this morning I could hear the drop and noticed at the sound that Sueño took a quick down to see what made the noise. I thought that was really funny. I still had to clean it up before we left the room, but I keep a roll of paper towels handy. That became more convenient when I installed a paper towel holder in the commode area.

Actually, for those of you who are not familiar with pet parrots, the droppings are important to watch, because you can spot something wrong early by knowing what is normal. Certain foods, such as bright red or blue berries can change the color, so there can be some leeway.

So far so good with my feathered companions. I ought to know. I’ve been a parrot owner since 1972.

You may not want to watch the poop, but here’s hoping yours is as healthy as my bird’s, respectively, of course.

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer

Step Over the Poop

My mentor and friend Art Jonak teaches that there are so many little things that can sidetrack us from focusing on what’s important to do.  Truer words were never spoken. 

It does not help that my upstairs air conditioninig is still not working, and it may not be the unit itself.  I’m waiting for my guy to come by to fix it – he did show up yesterday afternoon, took the unit outside apart and is testing it.

Considering  it’s 110 degrees F today, will be up to 115 over the week-end here in the Phoenix area, working on my computer at home is not an attractive thought.  I must do it, though.

So, I’ll just have to sweat it out (actually I think it’s proper to say that women perspire) and do what I need to and work on my other focus, organizing my house.

I hope everyone of you is cooler than I am.

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer

Photo of Leila at Camp

Leila was upset with me because a photo I took the other year of her friend Todd somehow disappeared from either the camera or the computer.  I remember having it but it wasn’t even in the back-up file.  Oh well!

This year Todd was still there when I arrived to get Leila.  I promised I would save the photo of them for her.

Todd and Leila at Lions Camp Tatiyee, Lakeside AZ July 2009

Todd and Leila at Lions Camp Tatiyee, Lakeside AZ July 2009

They both had a great experience at camp.  Leila talked of putting on a show – they did skits – and she especially loves the go-karting. Oh, and eating “junk” food.

Todd and Leila will reunite in a week at Camp Civitan in Williams, AZ – Rodeo week.

When’s “mommy camp”?  Actually, I think that’s spa!

Reporting on camp stuff,

Wendy Weber

Driving Leila Home From Camp

Friday I did about 8 hours of driving – Leila was in Lions Camp Tatiyee in Lakeside, AZ.

She’s been going for the last umpteem years – I don’t remember the year she started – and just loves going.

What a contrast up there in the mountains from the current 114 degrees F here in Phoenix, the Valley of the Sun.

All the way up and most of the way home I listened to Tom “Big Al” Schreiter’s Live From London training.  It doesn’t matter how many times I listen, I laugh and learn.  Not only does he teach you the skills, but the psychology behind why they work.

He was here in Phoenix training a few months ago.  When he comes to your area do you attend?  I recommend you don’t miss him.  You can check his schedule at

Anyway, Tom kept the driving time short and kept me awake.  As I climbed into the mountains I was able to eventually turn off the air conditioning.  It’s beautiful and clean up there.  I can still see so much of the damage caused by the Rodeo-Chediski Fire that burned in the area in June/July 2002.

Leila didn’t get to go to camp that summer – the fire got close to the camp and, in fact, they pulled out the multiply handicapped campers there that week.  Then they closed the camp for safety.  I remember listening to the messasge later on the camp answering machine that parents could go up to camp in late July to collect the campers belongings.  Wow!

We’re so grateful the camp was spared.

Now camp has had some major renovations by the Lions Club so it can be rented out the rest of the year with the idea of creating some income to help support the free sessions for the campers.  It shouldn’t surprise anyone that donations are down.  But the need to attend is not down similarly.

Anyway, we made it home safely just in time to attend our Friday night services before returning to our respective homes.  It was a long day.  I’ll be doing it again next year, and, as always, will enjoy the beautiful scenery and temporary respite in the cool mountain air.

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer

The Mental Cleanse mastermind call sponsored by Mentoring for  Free should be done for a minimun of 30 days – most people who participate do it for longer or even ongoing.  I am one who does it on and off and do my best to go through the each chapter of  Think and Grow Rich each time, although we can come in and out at any chapter.

I was on both calls yesterday and did my lesson in between.  I was really inspired by two of the lessons.  If anyone is interested in the lessons that inspired me, let me know and I can make them available to you.

Anyway, this “cleanse” helps me focus on the positive and throw out the negative thoughts in my life.  As my good  friend Cynthia Breed said, the negative can creep in at any time and we have to always be vigilent to throw them out and replace them with positive thoughts.

Mentoring for Free founder Michael Dlouhy did an awesome lesson on the positive emotions and the negative emotions and what to do about them.  He had a breakthrough in this recently when someone called him and tried to pitch him on a new start-up company.  Michael realized that the pitchman hit all the buttons that lead people to join against their better judgement because they trigger all the negative emotions, such as fear of loss, jealousy, greed, superstition, etc.  People stop thinking and just react on their emotions.

When we are educated we do not lose the ability to become critical thinkers.  This can save us from uncounted disappointment and monetary loss and time loss – not to mention feeling badly about ourselves.  I’m not just talking about business but there are people who know how to push our buttons in our personal lives.  Maybe some of us do it to others.  And just think the long term harm we perpetrate on our children when we use the negative skills on them.  We often don’t even know we’ve done it.

If anyone wants to hear that call, let me know so I can send the link.

Thank you for listening.

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Thank Goodness for the Mental Cleanse

As you can see from my last post I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather due to my own clutter. 

I’m continuing to working on uncluttering my house and am making real progress.  It feels quite good.

But I’m still struggling with my feelings.  The Mental Cleanse early call today was something I needed to be on and will be on the later call today as well.  We’re going over the 3rd chapter of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  We read the chapters every week and do our lessons and mastermind a few of them selected by our Mentoring for Free founder Michael Dlouhy out of the hundred plus he receives each week. 

Wow!  This week’s chapter is on faith.  I have long struggled with having faith and have done a lot better through the mental cleanse and learning that thoughts are things and that I control the outcome of my life.

As I have positive thoughts and let go of the past good things have happened to me.  I must have gotten off track, used excuses and procrastination to get  me into my current predicament and feelings of sadness.  Perhaps I didn’t feel I deserved order in my life.  I do now. 

The awesome lessons that were read earlier have made me feel so much better.  Yesterday is over.  The canvas of my life is clean each new day for me to write upon or color or decorate.  Or for me, it is a blank sheet of music writing paper on which I write the music of and sing my life.

Perhaps I need this break from this man that I care so much for because he does not believe in the business that I do.  He’s not overtly negative, but there is no support.  Perhaps his actions are the catalyst for me to get my butt in gear and really take control of my life.  I don’t know what will happen with him in the future, but I learn through this Mental Cleanse lesson that I have the power through creating my self-talk, creating my plan, writing it out, repeating it over and over, and having faith that what I create in my mind will work out in my life – if it is supposed to do so.

I have nothing I really need to prove to him (although an orderly house would make him and me more comfortable).  Of course, my mother will be very happy the next time she visits.  I have everything to prove to myself.  I know I can do it.  Freedom and happy occasions in my life through work and helping others is in my vision.

I stay plugged into the system because I must.  I cannot do this self-improvement journey by myself.  But I must do it for myself.  It is my life and there is only one go-round, although there can be more than one chance.

Thanks to all the support of the Mentoring for Free friends and fellow “mental cleansers”.  Special thanks to Michael and Linda Dlouhy whose brainchild is this awesome program.

The Mental Cleanse is open to everyone who needs this kind of personal growth help.  Anyone of my readers who want to sign up for it, just contact me for the details.  It’s worth the price – free.  Do you feel your life is worth 30 days?

Wishing you the benefits of the Mental Cleanse,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer

Unclutter Your Life

I may have lost one of the loves of my life by not de-cluttering my house and my life.

Now that I think about it, it is not just a “blue” personality thing but also a disrespect to him and especially to myself.

I hate straightening up and cleaning out partly f rom pack-rat tendencies and partly because I just hate to decide where to put something or what to do with it.

I hope I’m getting a second chance, as I’ve embarked on a massive clean-up project in my house, finally, and had to stop because the recycle bin is full for this week.  I’ll fill up some more containers for the Thursday pick-up and just distribute it among other bins on the sidewalk.  People have done that to me – I don’t care, we’re helping the environment.

All the “stuff” I have is not worth one hair of this gentleman.  What was my problem!  Clean up, clear out, the house and the mind.  As in Napoleon Hill’s  Think and Grow Rich, I must burn lots of bridges.  If I do it thoroughly enough and quickly enough, my life will look much brighter and I may have a chance to hang on to a very worthy person.

If I don’t, the fault is mine and I have to take responsibility for it.

Wishing you never get as cluttered as I have been,

Wendy Weber

Going to Summer Camp

I dropped my daughter Leila at a friend’s house today to go to one of her summer camps.  For this one we have to provide the transportation – Lions Camp Tatiyee – in Lakeside, AZ, a four-hour drive from my house.  Leila just loves this camp and has been attending for several years.  This is the week for adults who are mentally challenged.

She gets to eat junk food, do go-karting, swimming, and lots of fun things.  This morning when I picked her up from her house to go to her ride she was so excited, a real advertisement for the camp.  The camp provides great value to her – fun and socialization with friends.  And often times the same counselors come back year after year.  They get as much value from the campers as theh give.

Did I say mutual benefit?  Sounds a lot like network marketing is supposed to be.

Years ago I learned that others received so much from Leila, it is definitely a two-way street.

The Lions Club provides camp  for no cost and in this climate donations are down due to the economy.  We saw after some of our country’s disasters a big downturn in the amount of camperships available and it was definitely first come first serve.  If anyone out there wants to donate he or she can check out

Or, donate to any organization that helps people with disabilities have some much needed recreation.  For some, Camp Tatiyee is the only time they get away from their regular lives.

How about I let Leila give you a report when she comes home!

Wishing you all a chance to go to your equivalent of summer camp, (I think “Mommy  Camp” is a spa!),

Wendy Weber

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