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Not Caring About Michael Jackson

Believe it or not, not everyone in the world cares about the death of Michael Jackson.

I don’t.  My boyfriend doesn’t.  Except for the Jackson Five performances on TV when I was little (I love harmony) I did not like Jackson’s music.  I’m sorry for the family’s loss, but that’s it.

My supervisor at my job informed me of Jackson’s death.  I was somewhat surprised because of his age, but was not thrown into the depths of despair.  Everyone around me was surprised at my reaction.

My eldest mentioned him on a post in Facebook.  She likes his music.  That’s fine for her.

Will anyone care when we lose Itzhak Perlman or Yo Yo Ma?  Or other great classical performers?  I will also be sad to lose some of the great folk singers and Broadway musical stars.  Maybe some of you will, too.

I respectfully reserve the right not to mourn Michael Jackson or listen to any of his music.

This does not make me a bad person, just, perhaps, different from you.

Wendy Weber

Teamwork – It’s Everywhere

Last week Leila and I went with our friend  Carol to see the Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC) production of Stephen Sondheim’s musical Into the  Woods which intertwines different fairy tale stories and has some moral lessons to make.

I happen to really enjoy this show because of the clever weaving together of the stories.  Carol and I both have seen it before.  Leila had not seen it but was familiar with the songs from the CD I have played in my car.  She loved it.

What really struck me was the teamwork involved with putting on any kind of a show.  Everybody has to be working in concert with each other or it won’t work.  We’re talking about the actors, the director, the stage manager, prop people, costume folks, lighting and audio people, and the musical director and orchestra or band.  Wow!  It’s awesome when it all works.  They practice and test and rehearse and test a lot before the performances.  Also, if the performance needs to be tweaked, they then work together to do it better.  Oh, and then there’s the audience – there’s no real show without the audience!

Anyway, I do a lot of things solo, but also a lot in concert with others.  There’s my job – we all take phone calls, but the team works together to help each other and do activities as a team.

My network marketing team works together – there’s no way to really make it big without teamwork.  I love our team training calls – I don’t feel alone and I learn so much as well as contribute myself.

I’m looking forward to more shows next year with my Phoenix Theatre season tickets, concerts that my boyfriend Bob plays in, any other shows or concerts that I want to attend, and my own network marketing team.

And it’s all fun – has to be, I’m a blue personality!

Wishing you teamwork in your life,

Wendy Weber

Recently I had been dealing with a case of the shingles, an illness that people who’ve had the chicken pox can get later, usually triggered by stress of some sort.  That’s what happened to me.  It’s at best an uncomfortable illness and at worst excruciating.  Being somewhere in the not-as-bad-as-it-could-be part of the spectrum, I still suffered and had pain, burning, and itiching of the skin.

The physician’s assistant who diagnosed me prescribed an anti-viral medication.  I did not get any other advice.  So I contacte my network marketing team and also the product specialist at my company and received a supplementation regimen and also a recommendation to take a lysine supplement to keep down the argenine in my diet.  I googled this and verified that lysine starves viruses and argenine, which has some great benefits for the body, also feeds viruses.  I eliminated temporarily the foods that are high in argenine and concentrated on the ones that are high in lysine.

I did not miss a day of work, but did suffer, as I do not like to take pain medication and only took it when the discomfort got bad enough to get some relief.  Actually, lying down helped and heat to the affected area on my body helped.

When I finally saw my own doctor and mentioned about the lysine – she knew why that was.  I do not believe she would have recommended it, though.  Medical doctors say they get in trouble with the AMA when they talk about natural remedies. 

Good thing I had my own knowledgeable team who, in a sense, mentored me through my illness.

It put me in mind that the mentors I have relationships for my network marketing career are valuable and prescious to me.  I don’t have to make the mistakes they made, although, if I’m not listening or believing them, I could fall into some of those traps.  But I don’t have to.  I can make other mistakes while I am moving forward and then share these so that my team doesn’t have to make them. 

The world changes so fast.  There is so much to do and to know.  That’s why mentors are so important.  This is not a business you can do in isolation.

Wishing you the knowledge that an experienced mentor is golden for your network marketing success,

Wendy Weber