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“Les Mis” and MLM Success

The other night I went with my play buddy to see the musical Les Mis at the Phoenix Theatre.  This year community theaters have permission to produce this show, which is my all-time favorite musical, beating out my former favorite My Fair Lady.

While not based on a very upbeat story, I find the music brillliant, melodic, threaded perfectly through the story.  Any time a musical theme is repeated it is not haphazard, rather it is appropriately placed.  I just love that.  What a difference from Phantom of the Opera, which has too much repetition of themes, in my opinion.

Anyway, I was thinking about how perfectly balanced the show was.

1. It has a compelling story
2. Great characters we love to love or hate
3. Phenomenal music and staging
4. Outstanding performers
5) A great set

Those 5 attributes that made the show work on all levels put me in mind of the 5 Pillars to Success a company needs to have for you, the distributor, to be successful in mlm, not just the company:

1. Company management and experience with integrity
2. Timing in the company and timing in the industry
3. A remarkable product
4. Compensation plan
5. Duplicatable system.

Every 3rd Saturday of the month Mentoring for Free trains on this.

Well, the Les Mis run was extended, so I’d better get cracking to order tickets for me to take Leila, as she loves the show, too, and didn’t get to go.

Wishing you the joy of “Les Mis” and mlm success,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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Good Luck for Network Marketing Success

I was just speaking with a colleague of mine who got a smokin’ deal on a new apartment.  He said not he has his own bathroom and it’s cheaper than his former one.  I told him that was great and he said he was really lucky.  This reminded me that many people think you have to have good luck for network marketing success.

I told my colleague that it was less a matter of his being lucky than creating the conditions for him to be open to an opportunity.  If he had not been looking for a new apartment at that time he would have missed it.

In the Mentoring for Free  Coaches Corner Mastermind Saturday night calls we have recently finished masterminding chapter 2 of Dr.  Robert Anthony’s Betting on Yourself.  Dr. Anthony plays the horses but before he bets he does careful research and makes sure the odds are in his favor.

As I had never before thought about what makes up good luck, I found it fascinating.  “Good luck” happens to people who have prepared themselves and are open to opportunity.  Further they recognize the opportunity when it comes along.

How would that translate to network marketing?  Well, you train, acquire, and practice good skills, you make sure you do not have an agenda with anyone but are in a helping mindset, recognize when someone needs the help you can give, and offer it with the appropriate language skills and other tools you have at the ready.

Cool beans.

Wishing you good luck for network marketing success,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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Network Marketing Training for MLM Success

I’m sure you would agree that every job you do requires skills training, whether you are a doctor or a ditch digger.  Network marketing is no different.  You need good network marketing training for mlm success.

So many people get into network marketing and are promised training, promised a system for success.  People love systems, the prospect of one is very attractive. 


Most of us come from an employee background.  We work certain hours, we have certain expectations, and are told what to do.  Without the comfort of being told what to do, we tend to flounder.  So a system takes the place of being told by a boss what to do.

I’ve got news for you, making a list of friends and family is not a system.  Also, just because you pay for training does not mean it’s any good.  I have paid thousands for all kinds of training that was supposed to make me successful.  Nothing worked till I got to Mentoring for Free where the skills training is absolutely, well, free. 

So what does it cost me?  My time and perhaps some phone cost.

What other valuable training is out there?  The one I know of that I really like is Tom “Big Al” Schreiter’s training at  Many of you know Tom because he does generic training all over the world.  He’s one of the most successful network marketers out there.

Tom believes in keeping it simple.  I like simple.  He’s a “green” personality and likes lots of data.  He tests and tests, so what he teaches works.  You can also check his site to see where he’ll be training and if he’s anywhere near you don’t miss it.  In addition to great training you’ll also have a good laugh.

You also might want to check into what Art Jonak is doing.  You can google him.

Wishing you great network marketing training for mlm success,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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Have a Big Desire to Get Through the Tough Times in MLM

John Maxwell says:  A difficult time can be more readily endured if we retain the conviction that our existence holds a purpose – a cause to pursue, a person to love, a goal to achieve.

Ain’t that the truth!  We are taught in network marketing that our desire has to be so big that it carries us through the difficult times.  Even better if we believe, no, absolutely know that we have a purpose though we may not know what it is just now.  And someone to love?  There are so many people around to love – family, friends, co-workers. 

And even if you do not have any of those that you feel you can love, at least you can love yourself. 

Do you have trouble loving yourself?  Michael Dlouhy of Mentoring for Free teaches that you look in the mirror and tell yourself that you love your self over and over until you believe it.  If you cannot bring yourself to say that, start with telling yourself that you like you.  Once you convince your subconscious mind of this, you can move on the the “love” part.

I know you are an awesome person, whether you believe it or not.  Michael believed in me until I believed in myself.  I can do the same for you.

Wishing that you have a big desire to get through the tough times in mlm,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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The Power of Now for MLM Success

At Mentoring for Free the first book I participated with in the Coaches Corner Mastermind Saturday nights was  Dr.  Robert Anthony’s Advanced Formula for Total Success.  This is where I first learned about the power of now for mlm success.

In this weekly get-together on the phone from around the world, we read a chapter of a book and send in lessons.  Weekly the person whose lesson we are on reads it and we discuss the lesson, we mastermind it.  Sometimes one lesson lasts the whole call and sometimes we get through a few lessons.  The phenomenal growth comes from the different points of view everyone brings and the love and support in a very safe place. I credit this call along with the Mental Cleanse call on Wednesdays to be the reason I was able to grow so much personally and leave behind the garbage I was carrying with me.

Dr. Anthony’s book in chapter 11 we learn that “nothing exists outside of the NOW. Nothing will ever happen in the future – It will happen in the Now.  When you think of the past it is stored in the mind as a former now.  And when you think about the past, when do you do it? – You do it now!  The past and the future have no realities of their own.  Their realities are “borrowed” from the now.”

This concept, this truth about now really struck me.  So when the president of my company announced that the theme of the 2008 convention was “The Power of Now” as the singing network marketer I was compelled to write a song about it and the president graciously let me perform it.  Below please find the YouTube offering.

So what do you think?

Wishing you the power of NOW for mlm success,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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I don’t know about you, but I love the National Music Camp Interlochen, positive memories and bright future.

The other night my boyfriend Bob and I attended a reception in Scottsdale, AZ on the rooftop of the Hotel Valley Ho hosted by the National Music Camp Interlochen, located outside Traverse City, Michigan. I am a proud alumna from camp, Intermediate Girls 1962 and 1963.  I would say that was the foundation of my becoming the Singing Network Marketer.

The talented high school seniors who performed had also worked with students from a few of the schools in the Phoenix area.  What a trip down memory lane!

The president of Interlochen and some trustees as well as friends, alums, and prospective academy attendees were also there.  It was a pleasure to hear about what has been going on, that with the right endowment and support and careful husbandry the institution is in good shape and the number of applications are up.

I may just go visit  next time I visit my mother in Chicago.  I always loved their concerts and the dancing and there’s so much more, now.  When I was there Van Cliburn played for us, Richard Elsasser played the organ, and we had wonderful Gilbert and Sullivan operettas performed by the high schoolers and I was in the ones done by the intermediate group.  I even had a lead part as Lady Psyche in Princess Ida.  I also sang in the chorus, took the music talent exploration class, which was responsible for my playing the cello in high school.

I made some lifelong friends and that’s where I was inspired by one of my cabinmates to obtain and learn to play the ukulele, which I use on the road for performances and to do some of my YouTube videos.

Also, I learned to be a decent jacks player (ball and jacks).  My teachers were some of the best players I’d ever seen and there really is technique involved.

The National Music Camp Interlochen continued the love of classical music started in my home by my parents, particularly my dad. There’s nothing like participation.  Those of us who attended who did not go into the arts professionally are appreciators and supporters.

One of my passions and talents is to write the parodies and original music I am slowly recording and getting out there.  Most of my efforts are in the area of Mentoring for Free concepts and lessons.  It’s great fun and I trust I am helping those of you out there who need to be plugged in to either the network marketing skills information and the personal growth via the Mental Cleanse and the Coaches Corner Mastermind, not to mention the personal coaching and mentoring.

I’m grateful for the privilege of being able to participate with my own abilities and receive the mentorship of all the other remarkable people in the Mentoring for Free community.

Wishing you success with your own National Music Camp Interlochen, positive memories and bright future,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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Yesterday President Obama was in my backyard announcing a new package to bail out many home-owners.  The upshot remains to be seen, as it takes a while to develop the regulations and rules, and no one knows how well any of this will work.  That’s why I’m a great believer in hedging your bets and getting great tax savings through mlm.

A viabale home-based business can be a very good hedge against all this uncertainty, as many people still need products and services, and, one of the things I like best, tax savings.  And I can have tax savings even if I’m not making a profit, but am doing the business and the attempt to do the business.

I’m not fond of preparing my taxes, but I’m extremely fond of all the money I either get back from Uncle Sam or don’t pay in the first place.

It also helps that I use an accountant experienced with small business and network marketing in particular and I get all the deductions I’m entitled to, including ones I had no idea about.

Is this all legitimate?  Well, I’ve been audited and the person found nothing wrong with my business records and filings.  So, I guess it is.

Wishing you success through hedging your bets and getting great tax savings through MLM,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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Today is Presidents’ Day; Start Today for MLM Success

Today is Presidents’ Day in the United States.  The stock market is closed, therefore I am not at my job.

I can’t help thinking how disappointed Presidents Washington and Lincoln would be at the current state of affairs in their beloved United States of America.  As far as my reading tells me, these two men were as honest as men and politicians could be.  They would not do anything in general to hurt the people of this country and did not let greed dictate their actions.

While most of us have lost value in our investments in the market, real estate, etc., professional network marketers who have taken the time to build their businesses with relationships, quality products and services, and with integrity, these people have not seen their royalty incomes drop more than the normal fluctuation that is part of the business.

Now we all know what the phrase means “It’s later than you think!”

Network marketing, multi-level marketing (mlm) is a great profession, when you count out the scams that cause problems for many.  It is not for everybody.  Are you the somebody it is for?  If so, what are you waiting for?

Mentoring for Free gives you the training for free that you need to acquire the correct skills and be able to choose a company that is workable for you and will not scam you.  Give it a try today.  Just ask and I’ll connect you with the training.

Remember, it’s later than you think.  Wishing you that though today is Presidents’ Day, start today for mlm success,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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Valentine’s Day with Love and Success

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, so I thought this thought would be appropriate from Leo Buscaglia:

“Only when we give joyfully, without hesitation or thought of gain, can we truly know what love means.”

I have really learned through the Mentoring for Free to let go of the outcome.  when I do that, I feel great when I give, I love myself, and other people more.  The universe reflects back to us what we put out.  We might as well give joyfully and be joyful and that is what we’ll get in return.

Wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s Day with love and success,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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Be Open – There Are No Coincidences

I don’t know about you, but I keep experiencing occasions where I’ve learned to be open – there are no coincidences.

Yesterday I started really working on my self-improvement program from the Jewish point of view, my Mussar class,  and had my first “meeting” with my work-out partner.  We work together every other week and the whole class meets together on the other weeks.  I missed the first class because Leila and I were on our team cruise.

For the last three years I’ve been doing Mentoring for Free’s Mental Cleanse and the Coaches Corner Mastermind calls on a fairly regular basis.  Through this process of the mastermind calls and the caring and support of everyone who participates, I have progressed from being a fairly closed person to the “universe” or God, if you will, to being open and spiritual.  I previously was only able to be spiritual through music, when I was playing and/or singing.  Now I am open most of the time so that I can hear the messages that come as hunches or strong urges.  When I act on them without thinking too much I am right and when I don’t I’m wrong.

Yesterday I began speaking and chanting the lesson of the week about humility and balance and my Rabbi had emailed it to me – No more than my space, no less than my space.  This is just like the self-talk Michael Dlouhy teaches us to do and say over and over and over again so that we can affect our subconscious.

Well, I kept getting it backwards, saying: No more than my place, no less than my space.  When I checked the written lesson materials I found that the way I kept doing it was exactly as in the lesson.  My rabbi must have just transposed them.

Wow.  I suppose I should not find this remarkable.  My inner self was responding to something from outside speaking to me.  Probably it may not make a difference which order the words are, but maybe it does.  These lessons are about 1000 years old, when the teachings were started.

Wishing you the ability to be open, there are no coincidences,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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