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The company I happen to be with has done it again.  It’s proof that business models drive the behavior in the field for network marketing success.

Perhaps I should say, it drives the correct behavior in the field.

The attorneys general say that there has to be a product for an mlm company to be legal.  And one of the questions it uses as a litmus test is: Would a reasonable, thinking person buy the product if an opportunity were not attached?

Well, in the case of my company, the answer is yes.  Why?

Everyone in my company pays the same price.  There is no “wholesale” price, or “affiliate” price, if you will.  Just the regular retail price that everyone, distributor or customer, pays.

Since legality dictates that compensation needs to largely come from the movement of product, this same price for all leads to lots of customers who get great results from the products but do not want to do the business.  This is great for all of us in the company.  How do we get paid?  By bonuses generated by product sales, not affiliate sign-ups.

True, there are sign-up bonuses, but they do not represent the bulk of the pay, however nice an incentive they may be.

So what did my company do?  They started a 6-week campaign for bonuses at a certain level to be earned by a lower product-point number.  What behavior does this drive in the field?  Why, retailing, of course, product movement.  That’s what makes the company grow and my paycheck grow.  That’s what the business is all about.   Also, my team reaps the benefits because this campaign also helps them grow faster and creates right field behavior for them.  And the ability to reach a higher level faster, if they so desire.

If the level doesn’t matter to them, they can get a nice income just from retailing.  What’s wrong with that?

I’m excited because they do frequent campaigns to make it easier for me, rather than harder, as with a previous company.

Oh, you can argue that network marketing is a personal growth business disguised as a business.  Well, that’s true.  To earn more you have to become more.  And our team is part of the Mentoring for Free family with the top free personal growth training calls in the business – The Mental Cleanse, twice on Wednesdays, and the Coaches Corner Mastermind call on Saturday nights following the weekly Saturday skills call.

All these calls and trainings are generic.  No company or product names are mentioned.  Just the straight scoop on what does and doesn’t work for network marketing success today.

But the money’s nice, too.  At Mentoring for Free you can find out how business models drive the behavior in the field and what that means to you.

We teach you how to think, not what to think.

Wishing you understanding that business models drive the behavior in the field for network marketing success,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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Buying MLM Leads for MLM Success – NOT!

I just received an email – in my junkmail – for a new, easy, system for buying mlm leads for mlm success.

This person has done scams before and joined our group just to harvest email addresses to which to pitch his “deals”.

Don’t fool yourselves.  I have a previous video and article on mlm lead scams.  The people on these lists generally come from those “start-up“, “ground floor” businesses for which they use slick fear of loss techniques to suck you in.

People have lost thousands of dollars buying these leads.  I’m one of the lucky ones.  I only lost about $500.00 before I wised up.  See the post MLM Residual Income Success with Network Marketing Leads

Aside from my precious time and my frustration with calling people who were supposedly pre-screened to be looking for a home-based business, I really didn’t need to lose the money and any loss of self-esteem.

I’m sorry, but if the first 1 or 2 “no’s” hurt, why would i want to get 100?  And I even had an agenda-free script to follow.  What’s the problem?  These people are “ballet dancers” when I’m looking for “carpenters”.

I really only want to talk to people who are raising their hand to talk to me.  That’s why the Mentoring for Free system with the ebook downloads works so well.  Everyone who downloads the free ebook Success in 10 Steps is looking for help.

Do they all want to work with me?

No.  And that’s okay.  Enough do want to work with me.

Do you want to find out how that works?

Sorry to disappoint you, if you’re looking to pay money to find out.  The information is free – no catches.

Let me know if you’re interested in looking further into this.

Wishing you luck with not buying mlm leads for mlm success,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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I was on a Mentoring for Free training call today and Michael Dlouhy, in answer to a participant’s question, told her she had to raise her success thermostat for network marketing success.

She was having difficulty getting herself to call leads and she had an agenda, which is why she is having difficulty.  She’s certainly not alone in this.

When we are so intent on helping ourselves and not necessarily our “prospect”, that comes through, even on the telephone.  Learning to let go of the agenda is critical for any long term success.  Network marketing is a teaching and mentoring business, not a sales business.  You have to work harder on yourself than on your business.  It is no accident that Mentoring for Free’s motto is: Be a mentor with a servant’s heart.

This call participant needs to do more of the Mental Cleanse and also generate more people to call through the Mentoring for Free system so that she loses the desperation and raises her success thermostat by believing she is worthy of all the success she will be having.

Wishing you can raise your success thermostat for network marketing success,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
602-404-1626 – Anytime
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