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I’m sure you’ve heard that network marketing success means reach out and touch someone.  The best way to do this is in person.  Tom “Big Al” Schreiter says it’s even better over food.  He’s definitely right, but that’s not always convenient.

Today my daughter Leila visited our local Target store to get a paper towel holder to put up in the master bathroom.  Our parrot Sueño likes to hang out in there with me, I needed a nice neat place to put the paper towels I use to clean after him and other purposes.

I saw a woman who looked familiar and said hello.  She knew me and Leila right away, as her daughter was in Girl Scouts with Leila.  We caught up a bit on the kids and I asked her how she was, if she were still in the same house, and what she was doing.  Okay, same house, nursing for a special facility.  But she was tired and had had medical problems stemming from an infection of her big toe.  She was wiped out from all the antibiotics she had been taking.

So I asked her if she wanted to do something about it and she said yes – with emphasis.  I handed her the Freedom Magazine my company has put out and showed her the section on a product that I think would help her. She took the magazine and said she’d be calling.  Also she gave me her phone number.

So, if it does help her, how would it be if I hadn’t spoken up?

Wishing you network marketing success – reach out and touch someone,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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The Power of the Mastermind for MLM Success

The other day on the early Mentoring for Free Mental Cleanse call I participated in a mastermind exercise.  I’ve been on the receiving end of this exercise before but this was the first time I have been on the broadcasting side of it.  This shows the power of the mastermind for mlm success, or any success for that matter.

Master Mentor Michael Dlouhy, creator of Mentoring for Free, emailed a picture to a few of us who would be broadcasting.  The picture was of a tow-headed little girl kissing a slightly darker-haired boy.  Both children had full cheeks and their total image was in the shape of a heart.

Their image was also in an off-white background, on either side of which was a solid green vertical rectangle and next to that on both sides was an even larger block of bright blue which looked like a wavy sea.  At the top in bold letters was the word KISS.

Those 6 or 7 of us broadcasting this image focused on it and after a few minutes other people in the call told what came through to them.  Some saw the color green, blue, or the off-white.  A couple was seen, a boat was felt, water, warmth.

Then we concentrated on the word at the top.  One person got a “k”, “h”, and feeling of warmth, companionship.  Well, “h” isn’t in the word “kiss’, but one of the broadcasters saw her daughter Henrietta as the girl kissing the boy, as she had a photo of her daughter kissing her late son when they were little.  So she broadcast the name of her daughter.

People who participated both receiving and broadcasting were from all over the US and the world.  It is clear to me that I broadcast thoughts and images and feelings and also pick up from others.

You can experience the power of the mastermind with Mentoring for Free every Wednesday, 2 live and interactive calls, and also the Coaches Corner Mastermind call Saturday nights.  If you want to do that, let me know and I’ll plug you into them.

Wishing you the ability to tap into the power of the mastermind for mlm success,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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Last night on our training call from one of the people called I felt relief and gratitude for Mentoring for Free Help with MLM.  This was a green personality who knew he really needed the help to prevent further failure. 

He knew, he felt  the truth and the real thing when he finally heard it.  That’s what Mentoring for Free provides – the straight scoop on what does and does not work in network marketing today.

This man had been beaten down with schemes that did not work and cannot afford the outflow of money.  Can any of you relate to this?

And how did this make me feel?  I am proud to be a member of Mentoring for Free.

Wishing you success and the possibility of one day your seeing people feeling relief and gratitude for Mentoring for Free,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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I was a great fan of the original Star Trek television series.  So, when thinking about how most people think when presented with a glitzy presentation of a network marketing company with large promises, I had this vision of poor Mr. Spock with a Vulcan mind meld melting in mind mush, alternate universe network marketing.

Poor Mr. Spock! Paragon of logic, emotionless and factual.  If he did a mind meld with most of the network marketers today whose logic falls by the wayside when presented with a too-good-to-be-true company presentation, he would drown in the mush of the human mind.  How awful for him!


Can’t you just see it?  Here’s the scenario.  Person goes to a company meeting/presentation.  Person sees beautiful or at least well-dressed people waltzing across stage burbling about their huge checks every month made in a few months.  Person has tried the product and found it to be helpful.  Person thinks if she loves the product everyone will.  Person is convinced that the product sells itself.

Person doesn’t ask critical questions and skips due diligence research, doesn’t read Policies and Procedures, person sets self up for failure as well as anyone else person recruits, if person is even able to recruit.

Mr. Spock cannot tolerate the lack of even a smidgen of logic or good sense and the mind meld melts into the mush of the alternate universe (remember the evil one?) and he is injured.  Kirk has to rescue him and Bones can’t figure out what’s wrong.

Of course, in the evil universe the characters knew they were doing wrong and did everything to position themselves for advantage, changing alliances at will, not caring what happened to anyone else.  There are network marketing companies and distributors that do that.

Please learn how to be on the lookout for those.  We must protect Mr. Spock!  Oh, yeah, ourselves and our downlines, too.

Wishing you avoidance of the Vulcan mind meld melting in mind mush, alternate universe networkmarketing and staying out of that evil universe,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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Experienced Networkers Wanted – DEAD or ALIVE!

I saw an ad on Traffic Swarm saying “Experienced Networkers Wanted” to join one of the online network marketing universities.  I added the “dead or alive” part for fun because i always liked the old western TV show “Wanted Dead or Alive” starring the late Steve McQueen.

It occurred to me, however, that I wasn’t sure what experienced means.

I failed at network marketing for 8 years.  That made me experienced.  Experienced at failing.  Oh, I did a few things right, I thought, according to the upline teachings.  I went to all the trainings.  I was committed.

I eventually thought I should be committed somewhere because I thought the fault was all mine.  Well, it turns out it wasn’t.  I just had not been learning the right things, acquiring the right tools, having the right mentoring and support to be experienced at success.

Be careful with the word experienced. It may not mean what you think.  Get clarification.

Rather than wishing you experienced networkers wanted dead or alive in your organization, I wish you network marketing success with the right networkers who are coachable, ethical, and committed.  By the same token, I trust you have a plan to offer them from a position of management experience with integrity.

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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Do you want to know if using a system to grow your mlm team is important?

Here is an interview I did last year with David  Bertrand, president of an up and coming network marketing company who has at least 30 years of network marketing experience, having built large downlines himself.

Wishing you much success through using a system to grow your mlm team,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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Following Your Instincts for Network Marketing Success

Are you following your instincts for network marketing success?  By that I mean, if you have that “uh-oh” feeling do you listen?

I have found that when I don’t listen to that, I’m wrong.  Likewise, if I don’t go with an inspiration or idea I have that is exciting to me I’m also wrong.

Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich and my close friend and mentor Richard Dennis of Mentoring for Free constantly teach that  successful people and leaders are quick to made decisions and slow to change their minds.

I have enough “blue” personality in me to see the big picture quickly and not want to be bogged down in details.  I have enough “green” personality in me to want to have ducks in a row and everything in place before I go forward, sometimes.

Because of the “blue” I must work on focusing.  Because of the “green” I must work on deciding quickly and I’m getting better at both.

Do I always guess right?  I don’t know.  And I’ve learned not to worry about it.  I’m getting better at not second-guessing myself.  Why?  Because I’ve learned that the universe or God, if you will, may have some other outcome for me than I’m expecting.  As far as I can tell, it’s been for the better, although I might not see that right away or even for a long time.

Today I need to decide if I’m going to add another blue-headed pionus parrot to my family to keep my Sueño company.  She’s doing a “sleep-over”.  They don’t hate each other, no animosity.  My parrot is a little jealous but nothing major.  I need to decide based on how I feel and not worry about what anyone else thinks.  I have to do what’s right and I’m the only one who knows what’s right for me, not my friends, not my family.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Wishing you are following your instincts for network marketing success,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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Have you ever experienced true teamwork?  When your extended MLM Team acts as family?

I have this week.

My daughter Leila and I are going on the team cruise next month, as we did last year.  We’ll even be celebrating her birthday on the cruise.  She can’t wait for her chocolate cake that will be arranged by our team leader, who has previously taken Leila’s order.

I had purchased a second cabin to use as an incentive for people on my team downline.  Since no one of them was able to go, I offered it to the extended team.  It was taken up by a couple, who arranged payment over time, which would take till sometime after the cruise is over.

Then I was informed that they couldn’t go because of some financial set-backs they just couldn’t get the rest of the money together for travel to the port.  As we were putting it out there for someone else, while they arranged with me to slow down the payments, another team member, who heard of their problem, sent them a check for what they needed.

He said he wanted to see them on the cruise.

So this team member will be going after all and pay me as he can.  This is what family does.  This describes the team I joined.  People join us every day.

Leila and I love being part of a big family.

Wishing you teamwork, when your extended mlm team acts as family,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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The other day was my eldest’s 33rd birthday.  I know, I don’t look old enough to have a 33-year-old.  I was a child bride.  Anyone buy that?  Anyway, I was able to get hold of her by phone and the story she told me about her situation put me in mind of management experience with integrity, where do you find it?

So, my PhD Dr. Daughter is in a African country doing aides research out of a prominent midwestern university on a grant from a large, famous foundation with gobs of money to throw at projects.

And it seems just that.  They are throwing money at this project, which was not well thought out, not well run, and is impossible for her to fix, will all her expertise and experience.  And evidently there are lots of projects like that.  It reminds me of the movie “The Money Pit” (1986).  Does anyone remember that one?  It starred Tom Hanks and Shelly Long, a couple who purchased a house in the suburbs, their dream home sold to them by a swindling old lady played by Maureen Stapleton.  You can “google” the rest, but as the house was falling down around them, it absorbed more and more of their money to fix.  As one thing was fixed, something else happened.  It’s very funny if it’s not happening to you.

At least they didn’t have just a bucket to wash in and only 2 hours of electricity every other day.  My daughter’s not very happy.  There’s not a whole lot I can do, except feel badly for her.

This brings me back to my original thought – management experience with integrity.  This is the first pillar of a good network marketing company, or any company.  Isn’t this what President-Elect Obama is trying to put together for his cabinet?  Management ExperienceIntegrity.  Is one part of that less important than the other?

I don’t think so.  It doesn’t appear that anyone is getting better in the project my daughter’s associated with – I can hardly tell, as it’s hard to communicate with her.  Not enough part time people make enough money in network marketing,  and many have lost lots of money in leads scams alone, and there are probably billions of dollars down the government hole that would take care of half our country’s problems.

So let’s drink to some company management and experience with integrity – but not out of my daughter’s bucket.

Wishing you network marketing success,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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The most successful and duplicatable network marketers will tell you that their success could not be possible without a great team.  MLM team – the name of the game for network marketing success, without a doubt.

Teamwork is part of everyday life, whether just two people up to thousands.

December 21, 2008, the first night of Chanuah, my synagogue initiated the first Guiness Book of World Records for the most Chanuhah menorahs lit on the first night.  There were a total of 259, so that’s the number to beat in the future. 

I would presume this will be an annual event.

Unfortunately, I was not there, as I had a prior commitment.  If I had been, I would have added 4 or 5 additional menorahs to the count.  I also love potato latkes.

But the main thing, besides having lots of fun and participating in a potato latke contest and singing with the band, everyone there contributed to the record made.  It took everyone together.  It took teamwork.

Wishing you an mlm team, the name of the game for network marketing success,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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