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I’m thankful for my mother who came to visit me.

I’m grateful for my Leila whose awesome hugs are free

And for her older sister whose research work is aides

And for her younger brother who marches to his own parades.

I’m thankful for my job that helps me pay the bills

And for my healthy products that keep me from the “ills”.

I’m grateful for my choirs for which I sing my heart out

And for my mlm company, which I knew was home from the start-out.

I’m thankful for my backyard bountiful with fruit

And for my CRV which I use to commute.

I’m delighted with my feathered Sueño who in my neck likes to snuggle

And is always true blue, red, and green in great times and when I struggle.

I’m grateful for my boyfriend who’s also a musician

And for my synagogue where I keep up my tradition;

For my cousins in Tucson where we share Thanksgiving meal

And my MLM team which makes my success real.

I’m thankful for my talent to create melody and song

And for this great country and world to which I joyfully belong.

What are you thankful for this year?

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How to Become a Mentor with a Servant’s Heart

To be a “mentor with a servant’s heart” can be natural to a person or might be a learned skill or state of being. Like most of you, I had the right tendencies but not all the right thought processes or skills.
The Mentoring for Free family and system conceived and brought to life by my good friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy teaches us to learn to be that Mentor with a Servant’s Heart through coaching and a series of skills training calls, about 10 live calls each week. Most are recorded for those who need to hear them again or are unable to be on them.
There are two calls that absolutely promote personal growth and healing.
1) The Mental Cleanse calls each Wednesday at 3:00 pm Eastern and 8:00 pm Eastern time. Miraculous shedding of negativity and infusion of positive thinking take place every time. We all help each other – it is a mastermind.
I know – I’m one of them.
2) The Coaches Corner Mastermind call every Saturday night 1/2 hour after the weekly Saturday night skills call – I tune in, then, at 10:30 Eastern time. This call is awesome, as well.
We are reading a different book for each call, send in lessons and discuss them. What did we get out of each of them? I may have only one or two points that flew out at me and others see different lessons. There are always lots of ah-ha moments.
People call in from all over the world for these calls. We learn to stop the chatter from CNN – Constant Negative News – and learn to listen to ourselves again – or even for the first time. We learn to flush false lessons from our brains and subconscious minds. This generally is a process and takes time. It’s so much fun to watch the growth in people.
We learn in network marketing that we must help others to help ourselves; that is the beauty of the industry. But how can we help others if we cannot help ourselves? Both aspects are a process. We are always a work in progress and must never stop participating in personal growth activities, whether with a live or phone group, reading, videos and audio trainings.
If you want to hook into these, just let me know and I’ll tell you how.
To your personal and professional success being a mentor with a servant’s heart,
Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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If I Weren’t Afraid I Would…

I’m taking up the challenge by my good friend and mentor Roxanne Green on writing an article with the above title: If I weren’t afraid I would…and then setting up the link using Mr. Linky. Then I’ll see what happens. So here goes! If I weren’t afraid I’d talk to more people about my business opportunity. If I weren’t afraid I’d produce more of my songs sooner (actually if I weren’t such a perfectionist about them). If I weren’t afraid I’d balance my checkbook every month (actually, not doing so is more of a “blue” personality thing, but I think I don’t really want to know what the actual numbers are and spending the time on that would, to me, be a waste). If I weren’t afraid I’d work harder on re-establishing the relationship with my son that I long to have. There. That’s a start. Now that I have this down, I can use the skills I already have to recognize more of the opportunities and take them. I’m improving but can be better at it. A little love and encouragement wouldn’t hurt. Wishing you the opportunity to do the same exercise – writing out “If I weren’t afraid I would…”,

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Do you know how to create success and happiness in your life?

How I view myself, how I feel about myself has a direct bearing on the course, success, and happiness rating of my life.

I can tell myself, and have done so, that I am happy because I simply choose to be; that the alternative is not acceptable. But it doesn’t really work if I don’t believe it deep down in my subconscious.

Having been the “victim” of a marriage that had to end, I felt I should have been luckier. Having been a student who didn’t have the imagination or possibly the courage to make better choices for myself which would have ultimately made me more satisfied, I felt that I would have been self sufficient before, or at least, sooner after divorce. Having been an adult who thought I had bad luck and was a victim of circumstances, I felt events were outside my control.

I also asked, what’s wrong with me that I couldn’t succeed in network marketing? Why could others do it and make it big and I couldn’t? What is wrong with me?

One day I found out that it wasn’t my fault that I couldn’t succeed in the mlm business. What a relief! At first I didn’t believe it.

And then I started to believe. And then I got help. And then I believed more. Taking advantage of the help and doing my part of the work is my responsibility. Part of that is getting rid of the negativity that always surrounds us if we let it.

I couldn’t do it by myself, even though I had plenty of self-help books and CD’s and had been to many lectures and classes. I had to join a mastermind to learn with others and benefit from the love, caring, and attention to two personal growth groups.

Listen to the story about my daughter Leila and me.

Do you need help getting rid of the negativity and getting on the road to healing? Let me know and I’ll plug you into the 30 Day Mental Cleanse.

Wishing you success with learning how to create success and happiness in your life,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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